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Essential Oils for Chakras

Chakra Essential Oils are an incredible synergy mixture of various 100% pure therapeutic oils to balance your Chakras - Free shipping over $60.

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Information about our Chakra Essential Oils

Color Energy Chakra Essential Oils are an incredible synergy mixture of various essential oils.  Synergies are a wonderful concept because they allow the user to experience more of a “totality” than using just one type of oil.  A synergy’s purpose is to blend like-minded oils to increase or intensify a desired effect. 

All of our Chakra Essential Oil Blends contain 100% pure therapeutic essential oils premixed in an organic Jojoba base oil … no muss, no fuss.  Clean, unadulterated & free of synthetic or chemical agents which can cause allergies.  Safe to use by those with sensitive skin or allergies.  You can apply these essential oil blends directly on your body without having to worry about mixing the correct combinations of essential oils with a carrier base. 

Use them directly on your Chakras, where you feel they are needed or on the corresponding reflex zones.  Since Chakra Essential Oil Blends are pure oils, these specialty blends make wonderful natural body perfumes.  For an aromatic healing bath, add a few drops to your bath water.  To further empower your sense of well-being, try several drops of a Chakra Essential Oil blend in a relaxing bath & create a pampering aromatherapy home spa treatment.

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