The Best Healing Crystals and Stones for Women

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Since stones and crystals vibrate and emit pure, strong vibrations at constant rates, they can be used to help eliminate distortions and restore proper balance within ourselves, leading to better overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Each stone and crystal emits subtle vibrations that influence a specific area of your body. Matching the stone or crystal to its specific use allows you to get the most benefit from these natural gifts of harmony.

Scientific evidence about the potential health benefits and risks associated with stones and crystals is hard to come by, but crystals and stones have been used for thousands and thousands of years. This would seem to indicate not only their safety, but also their effectiveness. However, always seek medical attention from a qualified medical or mental health worker, or a Natural Health Practitioner, if you suspect you have a serious problem. The energies radiated from crystals and gems are subtle, and work over time.

The set includes 10 of the best stones and crystals for women.  You can carry any or all of them in your pocket or purse, in a pouch around your neck, or even sleep with them beside your bed or under your pillow.  

Apache Tears - very protective, excellent for absorbing negative energy, protecting your aura. Give you a true understanding of distressful situations. Stimulate spontaneity and remove self-limiting barriers. Shows you how to heal all destructive and disempowering conditions. Provides deep soul healing more information about Apache Tears 

Botswana Agate - helps you to accept yourself, builds your self-confidence. Helps you to see the “bigger picture” and find solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Agate is a very grounding, centering and stabilizing stone that provides emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Soothing and calming, it also provides great strength. Helps you to speak your own truth ... read more information about Botswana Agate 

Citrine - a powerful cleanser and regenerator that energizes every area of your life. Imparts joy and helps you develop a positive attitude. Balances your emotions and raises your self-esteem and confidence. Makes you less sensitive, especially to criticism. Helps you to express yourself. Useful for smoothing family or group discord. Helps with intuition and creativity ... read more information about Citrine 

Clear Quartz - a Master Healer that can be used for any condition. Amplifies the energy of other crystals and is excellent for unblocking energy as well. Raises your spiritual energy to the highest possible level and balances your emotions. Helps to change negative thoughts or conditions into positive ones ... read more information about Clear Quartz 

Hematite - grounding and very protective. Harmonizes your body, mind and spirit. Dissolves negativity, brings peace and harmony. Supports timid people, especially women; boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. Removes self-limitations and helps you to see unfulfilled desires that drive your life. Stimulates your concentration and focus, helps you to figure out problems of all sorts ... read more about Hematite

Moonstone - one of the very best stones for women. It’s most powerful effect is stabilizing & calming your emotions. Reminds you that everything is part of a cycle of change. Helps you to be more reflective. Calms over-reactions to situations as well as emotional triggers, stress relieving. Excellent for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding ... read more information about Moonstone 

Red Jasper - helps to bring problems to light before they become too big, gives insight into difficult situations. Calms your emotions. A “supreme nurturer” that sustains and supports you during times of stress. Brings tranquility and wholeness, unifies all aspects of your life. Supports you during conflicts and gives you the courage to deal with problems assertively ... read more information about Red Jasper 

Rose Quartz - a crystal of unconditional love & infinite peace. Calming & reassuring, excellent for use in crisis situations. Attracts love. Restores trust and harmony in relationships. Gently draws off negative energy & replaces it with loving vibrations. Helps you accept necessary change. An excellent stone for mid-life crisis ... read more information about Rose Quartz 

Sodalite - an excellent stone for busy women who find no time for peace and need to relax and  restore their mental energies. Stimulates the pineal gland and your Third Eye Chakra, deepens meditation and helps you to understand your circumstances better. Helps you to be true to yourself, stand up for your beliefs and verbalize your feelings. Stimulates trust and companionship, the release of old mental conditioning and rigid patterns & mindsets. Helps you to put new insights into practice instead. Releases things that hold you back from being who you truly are. Balances  emotions ... read more information about Sodalite 

Where to buy the Set of Best Healing Crystals and Stones for Women

Where to buy other healing crystals that are good for women

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