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The Best Healing Stones for Children

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The Best Healing Crystals and Stones For Children - Free information on properties and how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60.Crystals & stones are gifts from Mother Earth.  Children have a natural affinity to them and will often use all their senses to explore a new one.  More often than not, they are able to choose the "right" one and know how to use it. Children can also respond very quickly to the healing energy of stones.  However, please remember to consult the best available qualified medical help on the care of your children. 

The Best Healing Stones for Children

The set includes the following best stones for children in a white velvet drawstring pouch.

Children can carry them in a pocket, in a pouch around the neck, or even sleep with them under their pillow or beside their bed.

It is also very helpful to dedicate & program the stones you will be using to heal your child. A brochure on how to do this is included with purchase as well as information about the healing properties of each stone.

Amethyst - purifies & transforms all negativity.  For children in transition, whether it be a growth spurt, a major disappointment such as failing a grade, or even hearing the devastating news of a divorce or death, Amethyst will help them accept all negative emotions and provides support & comfort.  Amethyst also helps with nightmares or insomnia - Place a piece of Amethyst on the child's nightstand or under a pillow ... more info about Amethyst

Apache Tear - known as the Grief Stone, Apache Tear helps children with any form of sadness. Absorbs negative energy, protects the aura and is very grounding. Stimulates spontaneity & removes self-limiting beliefs. Helpful for highly sensitive children ... more info about Apache Tear

Green Aventurine - a comforting stone that heals & protects the Heart Chakra, instilling a sense of well-being & emotional calm. An excellent stone for children who are shy and/or timid or suppress their leadership qualities. Helps them to persevere, stimulates perception & creativity. Calms anger & irritation ... more info about Aventurine

Carnelian - helpful for feelings of inadequacy & low self-esteem, Carnelian instills self-security & self-love. Useful for daydreamers. Calms anger. Stimulates creativity, inquisitiveness, initiative. Provides courage & supports making positive life choices ... more info about Carnelian

Citrine - warming & energizing. A powerful healing crystal. Grounding & protects a child’s aura, imparts joy, releases negativity. Helps a child to share. Balances emotions, overcomes fears & anger. Enhances individuality. Encourages self-expression, raises self-esteem & self-confidence. Helps a child to be less sensitive to criticism ... more info about Citrine

Clear Quartz - a master healer that amplifies the energy of other crystals. Balances emotions & stimulates thinking. Helps with memory & concentration. Helps a child to connect with their Higher self & spirit guides and attune to their spiritual life purpose ... more info about Clear Quartz

Lapis Lazuli - a wonderful stabilizing & extremely protective stone for children who show psychic gifts early in life.  The deep blue colour stimulates expansion of their consciousness in a very supportive way. Helps a child to accept their own unique given gifts & helps them to be spiritually aware ... more info about Lapis Lazuli

Prehnite - a serene stone of unconditional love that seals a child’s auric field in a protective shield of divine energy.  A good stone for children who are overly possessive. Helps to alleviate nightmares, phobias & deep fears.  Very beneficial for hyperactive children ... more info about Prehnite

Rose Quartz - a crystal of unconditional love & infinite peace, Rose Quartz can help a child who has a lot of hurt feelings or aggressive tendencies. A calming & reassuring stone that also helps a child to love themselves & to feel lovable ... more info about Rose Quartz

Tiger's Eye - a very protective stone that combines the energy of the sun & the earth, grounding & yet spiritual. Excellent for children who daydream a lot. Helps a child to recognize their talents & abilities ... more info about Tiger’s Eye

Buy the Set of the Best Healing Stones for Children

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