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The Best Stones & Crystals for Insomnia & a Good Night's Sleep

Set of the Best Stones for Insomnia & a Good Night's Sleep for Sale 

Other stones for Sleeping & Insomnia for Sale

The Best Stones for Insomnia & a Good Night's Sleep

Set of the best stones for insomnia & a good night’s sleep – Free info on properties of each stone and how to use with purchase – Free shipping over $60.

The set includes 8 of the best stones for insomnia, dreaming & having a good night's sleep.  You can carry them in your pocket, in a pouch around your neck, or even sleep with them beside your bed or under your pillow.

Amethyst is a calming stone that is very helpful for insomnia caused by an overactive mind. It brings restful sleep & protects you against recurring nightmares. Sleeping with Amethyst can also facilitate out of body experiences & intuitive dreams ... more info about Amethyst

Chrysoprase is excellent for relaxation & peaceful sleep. It also prevents nightmares, especially with children ... more info about Chrysoprase

Clear Quartz is a master healer that intensifies the energy of other crystals ... more info about Clear Quartz

Hematite is a very grounding & protective stone that induces feelings of safety & comfort. It promotes deep, healing sleep. Interestingly, the ancient Egyptians used hematite for hysteria & anxiety which often cause insomnia & other sleep disturbances ... more info about Hematite

Howlite is an extremely calming stone that is another excellent antidote to insomnia, especially when caused by an overactive mind.  It also brings deep & restful sleep and reduces anxiety, tension &d stress ... more info about Howlite

Lapis Lazuli enhances dreams, increases prophetic dreams & helps with dream recall. It is helpful for sleep disorders including insomnia. Lapis also helps to release stress & brings feelings of deep peace ... more info about Lapis

Lepidolite is extremely useful in reducing stress & anxiety and is another good stone to overcome insomnia and have peaceful & restful sleep. It is also wonderful to banish recurring nightmares, night terrors or other sleep disturbances ... more info about Lepidolite

Sodalite is another calming stone that helps to relieve fears. It has powerful calming & soothing properties that balance your emotions. Sodalite prevents nightmares & is useful in dream work because it’s connected to your Third Eye Chakra, opening your soul to messages & visions in your sleep ... more info about Sodalite  

Set of the Best Stones for Insomnia & a Good Night's Sleep for Sale  

Other stones for Sleeping & Insomnia for Sale

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