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The Best Stones for Electromagnetic Smog & Geopathic Stress

Set of the Best Stones for Electromagnetic Smog for Sale 

Other Stones for Geopathic Stress for Sale 

The Best Stones for Electromagnetic Smog & Geopathic Stress

Set of the best stones for protecting you from electromagnetic smog – Free info on benefits of each stone & how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60.

The set includes 10 of the following best stones for absorbing & protecting you from the effects of electromagnetic smog or geopathic stress.  You can carry them in your pocket, purse or wallet, or in a pouch around your neck. You can also place them under your pillow or beside your bed.

Amazonite has a powerful filtering action that blocks geo-pathic stress, absorbs microwave & cell phone emanations. Protects against electro-magnetic pollution. Aligns your physical body with the etheric, helping you to maintain optimum health. Dispels negative energy, blockages within the nervous system & aggravation more info about Amazonite

Black Tourmaline protects you against cell phones, electro-magnetic smog, radiation, psychic attack, ill-wishing & negative energies of all kinds. Grounds your energy & increases your physical vitality. Alleviates tension & stress ... more info about Black Tourmaline

Green Aventurine absorbs electromagnetic smog &d protects against environmental pollution. Tape a piece to your cell phone to protect you from its emanations. Dissolves negative emotions & thoughts. Can be used to grid gardens or houses against geo-pathic stress more info about Green Aventurine 

Green Fluorite is particularly effective at absorbing negative energies within the environment. Also very effective against computer & electromagnetic stress. Draws off negative energies & stress of all kinds. Cleanses & stabilizes your aura. Grounds excess energy. An effective auric, Chakra & mental cleanser more info about Green Fluorite 

Kunzite blocks geo-pathic stress & electromagnetic emanations. A protective stone that works on the individual as well as the environment. Dispels negativity & shields your aura from unwanted energies. Helps you to be self-contained, even within a crowd. Strengthens the energy field around your body. Reduces stress-related anxiety more info about Kunzite

Lepidolite clears electromagnetic pollutions. Can be placed on computers to absorb their emanations. Treats illnesses caused by “sick building syndrome” or computer stress. Dissipates negativity. Tunes you into thoughts & feelings from other lives that are currently creating a blockage in your current life more info about Lepidolite

Red Jasper clears electromagnetic & environmental pollution, including radiation. Aligns physical, emotional & mental bodies with the etheric realm. Provides protection and grounds energies & the body. Cleanses & aligns your Chakras and aura. Absorbs negative energy … more info about Jasper

Sodalite clears electromagnetic pollution. Place a piece on or near a computer to block its emanations. Helpful for those who are sensitive to “sick building syndrome”. Helps a defensive or over-sensitive person to release core fears, phobias & built-in control mechanisms that hold you back from being who you truly are more info about Sodalite

Smokey Quartz blocks geo-pathic stress, absorbs electro-magnetic smog. Assists elimination & detoxification on all levels, bringing a positive vibration to fill that space. Teaches to you how to leave things behind that don’t serve you well anymore. Gently neutralizes negative vibrations. Relieves stress. Grounds spiritual energy more info about Smokey Quartz

Unakite negates the effects of electromagnetic pollution. You can place a piece near your computer or television set. A grounding stone that has a calm energy. Releases conditions that inhibit your spiritual & psychological growth …  

Set of the Best Stones for Electromagnetic Smog for Sale  

Other Stones for Geopathic Stress for Sale

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