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The Best Stones for Intuition & Psychic Abilities

Buy the Set of the Best Stones for Intuition & Psychic Abilities

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The Best Stones for Intuition & Psychic Abilities

Set of the best stones for enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities - Free info on properties and how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60.

The set includes 10 of the best stones for enhancing your intuition & psychic abilities.  You can carry them in your pocket, purse or wallet, or in a pouch around your neck. You can also place them under your pillow or beside your bed.

Amazonite opens your Third Eye Chakra & stimulates intuition. An extremely soothing stone. Calms your brain & nervous system. Aligns your physical body with the etheric. Helps you to see both sides of a problem & different points of view. Dispels negative energy ... More info about Amazonite

Amethyst opens you to your intuition & enhances your psychic gifts. Guards against psychic attack. Helps you feel focused. Very calming stone that gives you spiritual insights. Sleeping with Amethyst facilitates out of body experiences & intuitive dreams ... more info about Amethyst

Aquamarine sharpens your intuition & opens clairvoyance. Calming, quiets your mind. Clarifies perception & sharpens your intellect. Shields your aura. Helps you understand underlying emotional states & interpret your feelings. Increases sensitivity ... more info about Aquamarine

Clear Quartz raises your spiritual energy to the highest possible level & enhances your psychic abilities. Excellent for unblocking energy. Works on & enhances pineal & pituitary glands. Enhances communication with your Higher Self & spirit guides. Boosts the energy of other crystals ... more info about Clear Quartz

Emerald stimulates & enhances your intuition & psychic abilities, opens clairvoyance and stimulates gathering wisdom from the mental planes. Inspires a deep inner knowing & broadens your vision. Helps you to be discerning & recognize the truth. Brings to the surface that which is unconsciously known ... more info about Emerald

Labradorite is a highly mystical & protective stone. Raises your consciousness & connects you with the loving energy of the Universe. Grounds spiritual energies into the physical. Deflects unwanted energies from your aura. Facilitates initiation into the mysteries. Helps you find your spiritual purpose. Good for contemplation & introspection. Dispels illusions & gets to the root of the matter ... more info about Labradorite

Lapis Lazuli opens your Third Eye Chakra & stimulates enlightenment. Enhances dream work & psychic abilities. Facilitates spiritual journeying. Stimulates personal & spiritual power. Helps you connect with spirit guardians. Recognizes psychic attack, blocks it & returns the energy to its source ... more info about Lapis Lazuli

Moonstone is strongly connected to the moon & intuition. Helps develop clairvoyance. Helps you to be more reflective. Makes the unconscious conscious & stimulates empathy. Encourages lucid dreaming. Opens the mind to impulses, serendipity & synchronicity ... more info about Moonstone

Pyrite helps you tap into your abilities & potential. Helps you see beyond the surface of things. A very protective stone & excellent energy shield. Wards off negative vibrations on both physical & emotional levels. Helps you tap into your abilities & potential. Stimulates flow of ideas. Helps you see behind a façade ... more info about Pyrite

Tiger Eye enhances psychic abilities, especially when placed on Third Eye Chakra. Protective stone that used to be used as a talisman against ill-wishing & curses. High vibration that is both grounding, yet helps to draw spiritual energies to earth. Helps you to have clear perception & insight. Enhances practical perception. Helps you recognize & use your natural talents & abilities ... more info about Tiger Eye 

Buy the Set of the Best Stones for Intuition & Psychic Abilities

Buy other stones that are good for psychic skills