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Flower of Life Wood Pendulum, 9 inch Chain with Chakra Beads

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Wooden Pendulum with Flower of Life design & Chakra stone beads

These pretty little wooden Flower of Life pendulums have a 9 inch (23 cm) chain with round Chakra stone beads at the end.

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Purchase includes information about dowsing for beginners & experts alike.

Information about Dowsing for Beginners & how to use a pendulum

Everyone has the ability to use the pendulum for dowsing. Even a beginner will experience a response of some sort the very first time they try using one. As with everything else, the more you practice, the more accurate your responses will become. All you need to do is keep an open mind to the possibility that it can be done and it will work for you too.

Information about Why & How Dowsing Works