Incense and Resin


is one of the oldest trade items in the world. The spiritual and esthetic value of scented smoke has long been in great demand. Aromatherapy is one of the oldest uses of incense, dating back more than 5,000 years. Incense uses pure, essential oils to rejuvenate and maintain harmony of body, mind and spirit, based on the principle that the subtle power of fragrance plays an important role in our health and wellness.

Some of the many benefits of incense include:

•  Purifying your environment and creating a sense of well-being
•  Smudging and cleaning stones and crystals
•  Increasing concentration and focus
•  Eliminating bad odors and freshening up one’s surroundings
•  Healing - Incense carries the power to heal, be it a light headache or a serious depression
•  Increasing the flow of Kundalini energy
•  Creating an excellent atmosphere for meditation and the practice of yoga
•  Quelling nervous feelings, relieving stress and creating a peaceful and serene ambience
•  Countering negative vibes and creating positive ones instead which uplift one’s emotional and physical state
•  Inducing sleep

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