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I am pleased & honored to share the following links to services offered by my loyal and wonderful customers - and a few that I just plain like :)

If you would like me to share a link to your own service, please email me at and include a brief summary about what you do.

And if you would like to include a link to my website on yours - thank you so much! 

May you walk in the sunshine
& may the rainbow always touch upon your shoulder :) Diane 

Notes from the Universe

I've been enjoying these daily brief emails written by "The Universe," that are designed to remind you that you have, indeed, been given dominion over all things. I've been a big fan of Mike Dooley whose mission it is to remind others of life’s fundamental truths: that life is magical, we are powerful, and dreams really do come true. He does this by spreading the word about the nature of reality, the law of attraction, creative visualization, and the power of thought. A terrific You Tube video by Mike Dooley is about how our "Thoughts Become Things". 

Pierre Iieweras Pagé - Alternative Ways to Help your Healing 

Based out of Montreal, Quebec, Pierre practices his own unique healing practice. As well as blending the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual, Pierre uses a mixture of psychoanalysis, transpersonal psychology, behaviorism and traditional Native American 'techniques'. Since the year 2000, Pierre has helped people to release a wide variety of traumas. In addition to the other services he offers, Pierre's intensive four day workshop allows people to become aware of their conditioning, to break through it and to safely release suppressed emotions in order to live harmoniously. 

Currclick - Canadian on-line home school materials 

Classes and Curriculum in A click - Pierre’s wife Élise is a major contributor to Currclick and home-schools their own daughter. Currclick is an extremely affordable and excellent quality educational on-line resource which supplies homeschool texts and workbooks (printable on demand pdf files) which are paper-free, easily storable and transferable electronic files. They give home and school educators the option of reading on the computer screen, a hand-held device, or printing off only the pages they need. Currclick’s mission statement is to make homeschooling more convenient and more affordable to homeschoolers all over the world. They are committed to promoting homeschooling as a viable alternative to traditional schools in both America and abroad.

Yet another Canadian, Rev. Jan Porter, Spiritualist Minister and Writer currently resides in the Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada. She is a facilitator of all things spiritual and I feel blessed to consider her a friend.  Jan’s personal joy comes from spiritual coaching, teaching, empowering and assisting many to pursue their life and work aspirations in alignment with their soul path through her hands on work and writing. 

Emma Smallbone is a Spiritual Empath and Medium. In 2015, she authored the Best Selling Book ~ The Barefoot Medium: Letting Spirit…. in one step at a time. You can also follow Emma on Facebook and Instagram.

A community center of professional health care practitioners who care for the body, mind and spirit to improve the quality of life. Health Touch is located in Durham, North Carolina, and offers 30 healing modalities including relaxing massage therapy, reflexology or energy balancing session. They also offer ongoing events and classes.


Linda Butterworth is a Relationship Marketing Strategist with SendOutCards & she's on a mission to change lives by celebrating people NOW!  SendOutCards is a Kindness Revolution, a relationship builder, a gratitude and appreciation expresser, a personal development program, leadership training, and premier relationship marketing tool disguised as a greeting card and gift company. Do you want to change the energy for someone today? Send them a card, reach out & tell them you care. Linda is covering the cost for a card & the postage - just click on the menu bar and select "Send a free card" at You can also connect with Linda on social media.