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Information about the meaning and properties of Angelite is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical meaning of crystals and how to use their energetic properties for healing.

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angelite.436.jpgAngelite is a nodular, polished form of Anhydrite and is sometimes referred to as Blue Anhydrite. Anhydrite isn’t a common mineral as it easily turns into Gypsum when water is added to its chemical structure. In fact the name of Anhydrite comes from “an” and “hydra” which means without water.

Angelite Crystal Meaning and Properties

Angelite is considered to be one of the "Stones of Awareness" of our New Age.  Representing peace and brother and sisterhood, Angelite is an excellent crystal for raising conscious awareness, as well as helping you to connect with the angelic realm. Other meanings and properties of Angelite include the following:

  • guides you in spiritual journeys  while helping you to stay grounded
  • balances your physical body with the etheric realms
  • helps you to better understand astrology and mathematics
  • helps you to communicate clearly and in an organized manner
  • helps you to speak your own truth
  • helps you to be more compassionate and accepting
  • eases emotional and psychological pain
  • counteracts cruelty
  • dispels anger
  • a powerful stone for healers
  • its peaceful and tranquil energy opens the way for spiritual inspiration

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