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Information about the meanings of Apophyllite is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical meaning of stones and how to use their natural energy.

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The name Apophyllite refers to a specific group of Phyllosilicates, of minerals. Its name is derived from the Greek “ἀποφυλλίζω apophylliso” meaning "it flakes off", a reference to its tendency to flake apart when heated, due to water loss.

Apophyllite is a beautiful mineral, forming in lustrous crystals that can be colorless, white, gray, green or brown and rarely pink, purple, red, or orange. It also comes in many different shapes and sizes such as naturally occurring pyramid shapes, as Druzy crystals on other minerals, in clusters and in massive form.

Apophyllite stones have a high water content so are a very efficient conductor of energy including electricity.

Apophyllite Meaning of Healing

The very presence of Apophyllite in a room enhances its energies as Apophyllite has a powerful high vibration that is spiritually energizing and uplifting.  Its other natural metaphysical healing meanings include:

  • infuses your aura with high vibration spiritual light energy
  • powerful aid for meditation, especially when placed on your Third Eye Chakra
  • clears blockages of Crown Chakra
  • stimulates your Pineal gland, opening you up to spiritual awakening
  • enhances clear insight, stimulates intuition
  • relieves stress, anxiety and tension
  • helps you to feel relaxed, calm and happier within yourself
  • helps you to see and understand your own behaviour and let go of negative thought patterns and habits that are holding you back
  • helps you to abandon pretense and break through your reserves
  • helps you to know your true self and express it to the outside world without fear
  • gives you hope for the future
  • helps you to release suppressed emotions
  • calms apprehension and helps you to tolerate uncertainty
  • calms and grounds your spirit
  • helps you to feel comfortable within your own body
  • excellent for Reiki healing – helps to take the patient into a deep state of relaxation and receptiveness and - at same time - takes healer out of the way so that the transmission of helpful energy to the patient is purer
  • very useful in healing matters of the spirit and in helping ones spirit to come to terms with being in a physical body
  • putting an Apophyllite crystal on your Third Eye Chakra helps when meditating

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