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Information about Aragonite metaphysical meanings is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical meanings of stones and how to use them.

Aragonite Crystals for Sale

aragonite-clusters.436.jpgThe Metaphysical Meaning of Aragonite

Aragonite is very grounding stone and a strong earth healer.  Other metaphysical meanings of Aragonite include the following:

  • transforms geopathic stress and clears blocked ley lines, even from a distance
  • centers and grounds your physical energies
  • supports you during times of stress
  • stabilizes and supports your Root Chakra
  • gently takes you back into childhood to explore the past
  • teaches you patience and acceptance
  • combats oversensitivity
  • good for those who push themselves too hard
  • helps you to delegate and not feel like you have to do everything yourself
  • helps you to be disciplined and reliable
  • helps you have a practical and realistic approach to life
  • aids concentration
  • helps you to be flexible and tolerant
  • gives you insight into the causes of problems and situations
  • combats anger and emotional stress
  • provides strength and support
  • helps you to feel comfortable and well within your own body
  • helps with nervous twitching and spasms that are associated with inner unrest - including night twitches and muscle spasms
  • useful for grounding "floaty" people

Aragonite Crystals for Sale

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