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Information about the healing meanings of Beryl is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical healing meaning of stones & how to use them.

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beryl.jpgBeryl is a single mineral with many varieties that are distinguished by their color. Few other minerals have so many known varieties specifically identified by their color. Many of the Beryl varieties are very important gemstones. In fact, all the transparent varieties of Beryl have been used as gemstones, although Emerald & Aquamarine are by far the most important & well-known varieties.

Beryl Stone Meaning of Healing

Beryl is an excellent stone for dealing with stress & shedding unnecessary baggage. It also helps you to tune into guidance as to what you should be doing. Other healing meanings of Beryl include:

  • represents purity of being & helps you to be your best self
  • helps you to reach your potential
  • teaches you how to be independent & take initiative
  • stimulates your will to succeed & ability to manifest potential into reality
  • excellent stone for scrying
  • opens and activates your Crown & Solar Plexus Chakras
  • gives you courage
  • relieves stress & anxiety
  • calms your mind
  • filters out distractions & reduces overstimulation
  • helps you to have a positive attitude & not over-analyze things
  • reawakens love in jaded relationships

In addition to the above attributes, Pink Beryl has the following additional properties.

Pink Beryl (Morganite)

Pink Beryl which is also known as Morganite, attracts & maintains love. It helps you to have loving thoughts & actions, creating space to enjoy life & living. As a pink stone, Morganite activates & cleanses your Heart Chakra, calms a stressed life & benefits your nervous system. A powerful stone for dissolving conscious or unconscious resistance to healing & transformation. Treats stress & stress related illness.

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