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Aura Crystals - How they’re made & their amazing properties

Aura Crystals - How they’re made & their amazing properties

Posted by Diane Simon, Nature's For You on 2018 Jan 8th

Today’s blog is about amazing Aura crystals

The amazing properties of Quartz crystals

In and of itself, Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing & energy amplifier on our planet. I’d say that’s pretty amazing - and when various precious metals are bonded to it in an alchemical process, it becomes even more amazing!

Here’s another remarkable fact about any kind of Quartz. Physically, Quartz has piezoelectric properties – that means it creates an electrical charge that can be focused when stress is applied to it. This property allows quartz crystals to receive & process energy, then transmit the vibration in a precise pattern for an intended use. 

An early use of this exceptional property of Quartz crystals was in phonograph pickups and later in watch movements. To this day, quartz crystals are used for sonar, ultrasound, radios & transistors, computers chips, digital watches, amplifiers in electric guitars, microphones and most digital elecronic devices, to name only a few! Totally amazing unless you're a physicist! 

And it’s this unique property that makes the atoms of the precious metals used to make Aura Quartz permanently bond to it in a very special alchemic process.

What are Aura crystals?

Aura Crystals - How they’re made & their amazing properties

Despite being artificially treated, all Aura Quartz crystals have a synergistic and powerful & intensive healing energy.

Aura crystals are created in an alchemical process, a combination of science and alchemy. Alchemy in the olden days used to be considered magic and in a way it is! Clear Quartz crystals are placed in a vacuum chamber and heated to 871 °C (1600 °F). Then vapours of various precious metals are added to the chamber. The atoms of these precious metals fuse to the crystal’s surface by the natural electric charge of the quartz, giving the quartz crystal an iridescent metallic sheen in various colours, depending on which precious metals are used.

This is what gives Aura crystals an even more amazing energy since it’s boosted by the properties of the precious metals that are used to enhance it.

There are a number of different Aura Quartz crystals and here’s some information about each of the main ones.

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Angel Aura Quartz

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Angel Aura Quartz (also known as Opal Aura Quartz) is formed when Platinum & Silver are bonded onto pure Quartz. It has a light blue, rainbow & silvery iridescence that resembles the delicate gossamer wings of angels.

One of the reasons it’s called Angel Aura is that it’s a very useful crystal to use to communicate with your angels and Spirit guides. Meditating with this crystal helps you to enter deeper & higher levels of serenity and peace, purification & rest. It also helps you to remember lessons from past incarnations and attune to your spiritual purpose and, in the process, helps to release Karmic ties that are hindering your current relationships.

A peaceful and tranquil crystal with a fine vibration, Angel Aura Quartz has a loving sweet energy that stimulates your spirit & elevates your mood. Its healing energy cleanses your aura, harmonizes your energy field with your physical body and aligns & purifies all of your Chakras.

Angel Aura Quartz has a vibrant energy that gives you a zest for life. This also makes it an excellent crystal to use in Reiki healing, Reflexology and Shiatsu.

Its tranquil energy makes it perfect to use for anxiety, panic attacks & phobias. It helps you in negative or stressful situations by removing that energy & replacing it with loving, positive vibrations. Angel Aura Quartz also gives you insights into your relationships at all levels, helping you to have vital & harmonious relationships.

On a physical basis, Angel Aura is thought to be helpful for autism, Asperger’s syndrome and the nervous system.

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Aqua Aura Quartz

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The beautiful electric sky blue color of Aqua Aura is formed when molecules of pure gold are bonded to the Quartz crystals. It has a color similar to that of the finest Aquamarine gems, but with an enhanced opalescence.

The most well-known of the Aura crystals, Aqua Aura’s synergetic energy combines the very best properties of Clear Quartz & pure Gold, resulting in a very high, intense vibration that enhances intuition & communication.

Because of its extraordinary vibration, Aqua Aura can be used to activate the healing energy of other crystals and stones. This also makes it a potent crystal to use in Chakra body layouts or grids. It cleanses & heals your auric fields, releasing negativity from your emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies.

Particularly suited to your Throat Chakra, Aqua Aura helps you to express yourself and your feelings in a constructive fashion; helping to you to speak your truth from your heart.

Aqua Aura is a stone of spiritual elevation and it can be used to help raise the vibration of all humanity. It’s a perfect crystal for anyone who wishes to become a conscious channel for spiritual wisdom.

It has a peaceful energy that helps you to have a feeling of well-being and be at ease in your surroundings. A soothing crystal, Aqua Aura has a relaxing effect on your emotions and helps to relieve depression, anxiety & stress and anger or other negative feelings.

Aqua Aura is also thought to energize your mental abilities, as well as attracting abundance and success. Physically, it is believed to cool fevers.

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Lavender Aura Quartz

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Lovely Lavender Aura Quartz, also known as Amethyst Aura Quartz, is enhanced with Magnesium & Platinum. Its healing energy resonates with your  higher Third Eye and Crown Chakras, bringing about feelings of spiritual wholeness & helping you to live authentically.

Its lovely soft purple color is associated with spiritual growth & wisdom and deep universal unconditional love. Lavender is also the color of creativity, intuition & clear insight.

As with all kinds of Aura Quartz crystals, Lavender Aura is prized for its ability to expand your consciousness and heal your physical and spiritual body with its extraordinary high vibration. Uplifting your spirit, Lavender Aura is known for its powers of guidance & expansion of your soul.

Lavender Aura Quartz enhances Zen states. Meditating with it helps you to enter a deep state of serenity and peace, purification and rest, and to go beyond your body to receive help from your angels and Spirit guides. It helps to deepen your attunement to Divine energy and the angelic realm & protects you during spiritual journeying.

Instilling a sense of happiness, joy & child-like wonder, Lavender Aura Quartz is thought to connect you with Nature spirits. Attuning you to the loving energies of the Universe, it helps you to see, understand and connect to the beauty that surrounds us all, resulting in feelings of hope and optimism.

Emotionally calming and soothing, Lavender Aura releases negativity and stress. It also heals old wounds and long-held doubts about your self-worth.

Physically, Lavender Aura Quartz stimulates your immune & energy systems, and brings your body into balance.

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Rose Aura Quartz

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Rose Aura Quartz is bonded with Platinum which results in a lovely raspberry rose sheen. It’s also called Pink or Ruby Aura Quartz.

The dynamic & unique synergistic frequency of Rose Aura Quartz works on your Pineal gland and Heart Chakra to transmute deeply rooted doubts about your self-worth into the gift of unconditional love of yourself – as well as connecting you to the powerful energy of Universal love. This makes it a perfect crystal for anyone who has suffered from body image issues, abuse or who has been deserted or rejected in love.

Its gentle energy permeates your whole body and restores your cells to perfect balance, making Rose Aura Quartz an excellent crystal for anyone working with energy fields or energy healing.

The dynamic yet gentle energy of Rose Aura Quartz is uplifting. It imbues your whole body with love, restoring your cells to perfect balance. It’s an excellent crystal for young women to use as it’s thought to ease the onset of puberty in girls and early menstrual difficulties. Rose Aura Quartz is also believed to help with issues related to teenage pregnancy, especially if the young woman doesn’t have a supportive partner.

Platinum has the highest vibration of any metal. It enhances your connection to your angels & Spirit guides and helps to heal “auric holes” in your aura. Aligning & purifying all of your Chakras, Rose Aura is thought to activate and integrate your Rainbow light body, one of 3 levels of realization of Tibetan Buddhists.

Rose Aura Quartz is also good for emotional and multidimensional healing, helping you to release anger and other negative emotions from this and former lives.

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Tangerine Aura Quartz

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Tangerine Aura Quartz is also known as Tangerine Sun Aura Quartz or Melon Aura Quartz. It's formed when Gold & Iron Oxide are bonded onto pure Quartz crystals.

With its ability to heal a blocked or unawakened Third Eye Chakra, Tangerine Aura is extremely helpful for spiritual exploration & growth. It can be used for soul retrieval & integration, as well as past life healing. Tangerine Aura also facilitates visualization and provides profound insights by connecting you to Spirit.

The healing energy of Tangerine Aura Quartz is excellent to use after psychic attack, shock or trauma, making you more responsive and uplifting your spirit. It can take you beyond a limited belief system to a more positive energy, giving you the ability to face life's challenges with composure and cheerfulness & helping you to feel comfortable in any environment.

Tangerine Aura improves your sense of self-worth, making it a beneficial crystal if you’re trying to overcome self-esteem issues. It helps your inner beauty to come forth, disperses dark moods, depression and balances your emotions.

With its ability to activate and harmonize your Sacral Chakra, Tangerine Aura unites and cleanses your Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras. It also stabilizes the link between your physical and subtle bodies.

Tangerine Aura Quartz stimulates creativity, especially when it's blocked by criticism or disapproval from others. It helps clear and focus your thoughts to bring creative solutions to problems.

Physically, Tangerine Aura gives you abundant energy as it recharges and invigorates cell function. It imparts great physical & psychological strength, as well as enhancing sexuality by stimulating your Chi energy, your life force.

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Tanzine Aura Quartz

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Tanzine Aura Quartz is also known as Tanzan Aura, Celestial Aura or Indigo Aura Quartz. It’s infused with Gold, Indium & Niobium, giving this special crystal an iridescent deep indigo blue/violet color.

The result is one of the most powerful crystals you can use to develop your psychic abilities & heighten your conscious connection to Spirit, making it an excellent aid for any sort of intuitive.

Tanzine Aura Quartz facilitates conscious communication and connection to Spirit. It also helps you to access & remember information of universal mysteries such as the Akashic Records.

A good grounding crystal, Tanzine Aura Quartz balances all of your Chakras. In particular, it stimulates the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, unifying their energies & benefiting all aspects of communication and psychic power.

It’s another excellent crystal to use to manifest your hopes and desires.

In addition, Tanzine Aura Quartz has the metaphysical properties inherent to Indium which emits the Blue/Violet light spectrum very powerfully.  Add to this the energy of Gold which is considered by many cultures to be a master healer, stabilizer, harmonizer, balancer and grounder.

Furthermore, Tanzine Aura Quartz has the metaphysical properties of Niobium which help you attune to the angelic domain and consciously access angelic guidance. Activating the Rainbow body, an extraordinarily high level of realization, it helps you to see everything from a fresh new perspective.

Tanzine Aura also encourages you to be impartial in emotional issues; helping you to look dispassionately at your emotional triggers and not identify with old patterns that don’t benefit you anymore.

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All kinds of Aura Quartz crystals

Well that’s the family of Aura Quartz crystals – amazing aren’t they! And if that wasn’t enough, they all have the healing energetic properties of Quartz!

Quartz is known as a Master Healer and is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It stores, transmits & amplifies energy and is excellent for unblocking it too. Quartz raises your spiritual energy to the highest possible level, enhancing communication with your Higher Self & Spirit guides and helping you to attune to your spiritual purpose.

Stimulating your Pineal & Pituitary glands, Quartz balances your emotions, stimulates thinking and helps with memory & concentration. It helps to change negative thoughts or conditions into positive ones, especially if you're correctly motivated and centered.

Quartz is excellent for meditation - ruled by the Moon, meditating with it will deepen & intensify the meditation and filter out distractions. It enhances your psychic abilities and is a most efficient receptor for programming.

Well known as a “Master Healer” that can be used for any condition, Quartz stimulates your immune system & brings your body into balance. It protects against radiation, as well as harmonizing & aligning all of your Chakras & subtle bodies.

And that makes Aura Quartz crystals even that more amazing!

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If you’d like to learn more about Quartz or stones in general, check out this article on my website about how stones & crystals "work" and how to use & care for them .

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