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​How to Buy Crystals and Stones Online

​How to Buy Crystals and Stones Online

Posted by Diane Simon, Nature's For You on 2023 Jan 24th

How to Buy Crystals and Stones Online

Whether you’ve been buying crystals for years or are considering making your first purchase, choosing to buy a crystal from an online store might seem like an intimidating and possibly confusing process. If this is currently how  you’re feeling, don’t worry, you are not alone. Purchasing a crystal is a personal, spiritual, and even meditative activity. It’s different for everyone and therefore there is no one way of going about it. Always keep your feelings, needs, and wants in mind when shopping for crystals and trust your intuition.

What do People Use Crystals For?

There is no “right” way to use a crystal. In the same way that choosing a crystal is a personal experience, using them is also very personal. This means that you can use crystals and stones for whatever you feel is right. But, just in case you’re interested in knowing a few of the more popular uses for crystals, here they are.

  • Healing (spiritual, mental, physical)
  • To harness positive energy
  • To clear your mind
  • To meditate with
  • To protect
  • To bring peace and calmness
  • To focus your energy

You can be anyone and believe in anything (or nothing) to connect with the power of a crystal. A crystal’s energy is always there for you to focus on and heal yourself with. This is why so many people find comfort, strength, peace, and even power in crystals, and I know that once you’re confident enough to choose the right crystal for yourself, you can feel this way too.

If you’re interested in more information about how crystals “work”, please read this article.

Where to Start When Crystal Shopping

While we can’t encourage you enough to simply dive into the world of crystals if you’re interested in it, we also think that it’s a great idea to have, at least, a basic understanding of what you’ll be looking at. Here is a quick break down of a few of the types and varieties of stones you’ll encounter at most crystal and stone stores .

Palm Stones

Palm stones, as their name suggests, are meant to fit in the palm of your hand but of course, can be used in a variety of different ways. They are ideal for holding in your hands to absorb their energy, can be placed on your body, and are a lovely type of stone to display around your home.

Buy Palm Stones here.

Pocket Stones

Similar to palm stones but slightly smaller and therefore are great options for those who are interested in carrying their stones with them on a daily basis.

Buy Pocket Stones here.

Worry Stones

These types of stones are specifically meant to hold between your thumb and index finger while rubbing back and forth. They originate from Ancient Greece and can help relieve your worries through self-stimulation, a repetitive body movement that stimulates your senses and soothes your mind. Worry stones are a form of reflexology as rubbing the stone puts pressure on the nerves endings in your thumbs and can release endorphins.

Buy Worry Stones here.


Crystals that do not have any facets are often referred to as chunks. Chunks can be large, which are great for meditation and to have displayed in your home, or small, which is great to carry around with you.


Crystal clusters are several crystals that have naturally grown together into a cluster. Again clusters can be used for whatever you feel best suits your wants and needs.


Stones and crystals can also be tumbled until they become smooth (palm, pocket, and worry stones are more often than not tumbled). Because they are smooth all over, they are a great option for anyone who enjoys carrying their stones and crystals around with them.

Of course, in addition to these different shapes, you’ll have an almost endless variety of types of stones and crystals to choose from.

For anyone who is interested in the wide variety of stones we have for sale, you can see a list here.

How to Choose the Crystal That’s Right For You

It’s likely that the reason many of you might be hesitant to purchase your first (or fiftieth) crystal online, is because you’ve been told to, or already rely heavily upon, the feelings you have when you physically pick up a crystal and hold it in your hands. This, of course, is one of the best ways to purchase a crystal. But, if you’re not lucky enough to have a fully stocked crystal and stone store in their city or neighbourhood, or you simply enjoy shopping online, how do you choose a crystal that’s right for you?

It’s All About Intuition

Since you can’t physically touch a crystal or stone when you’re shopping online, you’ll need to rely on other ways of feeling a connection to a specific crystal. Intuition is a great place to start. As a side note, intuition is always a great way to choose a crystal or stone to purchase, whether you’re shopping online or in person.

Choosing a Store

First, use your intuition to find an online store that you like and that resonates with you. This could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe you know someone who has purchased from the site, maybe you simply like the way the site looks, or it could even be because of a feeling you have when you first visit the store’s site. Whatever it might be, follow your intuition by listening to how you feel.

Choosing a Crystal or Stone

Obviously, there are many reasons why someone may be interested in purchasing a crystal. Whether you’re looking for a specific crystal, maybe an amethyst because you know it helps provide protection while traveling, or you’re simply in the market for any type of crystal that catches your attention. The best way to choose a crystal online is to browse. Scroll through a specific section if you’re looking for a specific crystal or just choose the first section that pops out at you. If you feel nothing, move on and choose a different crystal or stone to browse. Once you’ve found the crystal that’s right for you or whoever you’re wanting to buy it for, you will know.

We can’t recommend enough that you pay attention to your own intuition and feelings and don’t let anyone or anything else sway you in a direction you don’t want to go when it comes to choosing a crystal. But, we also think there are a few feelings that everyone should watch out for when shopping for a crystal online.

  • A sense of calmness or peace
  • A visual connection, maybe you love the way a crystal looks
  • A connection to the name of the crystal

Our final piece of advice to you is, even if you’re interested in purchasing a specific crystal, keep your mind and senses open as the crysta l you think you want, might not be the crystal you actually need.

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