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Stones to Help With Anxiety & Stress

Stones to Help With Anxiety & Stress

Posted by Diane Simon, Nature's For You on 2023 Jan 24th

How to Use Healing Stones and Crystals to Help With Your Anxiety and Stress

We believe that if you believe in the power of a crystal or stone, you can harness that power to create change in your life and see real results. With that being said, the opinions and advice that we’ll be discussing in this blog post, should not be used to replace any medical advice that you have received from your doctor.

If there’s one thing we think that everyone can agree on, it’s that the stresses associated with our daily lives can often become overwhelming. It feels like the more we have to accomplish in a day, the shorter the days seem. Each of us only has one mind and one body, so why do we always expect to complete or accomplish more than one person is capable of?

We simply expect too much from ourselves, which often leads to stress and anxiety. Which of course creates a cycle of bad thoughts and unproductive days, making it even more difficult to get anything done or to feel better.

Using Crystals and Stones to Help With Stress and Anxiety

If you’re currently experiencing a stressful or anxious period in your life and have been looking for natural ways to help cope, crystals and stones might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or not, one thing is for sure, everyone needs to take time out of their day to stop, relax, reflect, and meditate. Using crystals and stones in combination with any of these practices, is a great way to increase their effects.

The 10 Best Stones and Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

While there are countless stones and crystals that can help you bring inner peace and relaxation back into your life after a particularly stressful day or when your anxiety just doesn’t want to go away, the following ten stones are a great starting point and can be used in combination with each other or alone. Carry them around with you, display them in your home, hold them in your hands or place them on your body, or use them as part of any of your regular meditation or relaxation practices.

Stones and crystals are a personal experience and while we can guide you in the right direction, it is up to you to choose and use your stones and crystals in whatever way benefits your stress and anxiety the most.


This blue green stone is not only beautiful, it is very soothing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by modern life and technology, Amazonite can protect you from cell phone and microwave electromagnetic pollution. It will help calm your brain and nervous system after a long day and soothe your emotions after a trauma and dismisses negative energy.


Amethyst is a brilliant purple crystal that can help anyone looking to help soothe, calm, or bring focus or balance to their mind. If the weight of everyday life keeps you up at night or if you simply have trouble turning your thoughts off at the end of the day, Amethyst is a great crystal for you.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or like your mind just won’t relax, you should definitely consider choosing Aquamarine to help alleviate your stress and anxiety. Aquamarine is also a great stone for those who are looking to make positive changes in their lives or are looking to better understand their feelings and emotional reactions to certain situations. This stone can also help any fears that may be causing you stress and anxiety.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a master healer which can be used to help heal many other ailments but is also a great option of those who are looking for relief from their stress and anxiety. Using Clear Quartz in conjunction will another stone or crystal will amplify that stone or crystal’s healing energy. Clear Quartz raises your spiritual energy to the highest possible level, which is especially great for anyone who is looking to break free from the stresses in their life. It also harmonizes the Chakras, helps with concentration and memory and can help you turn negative thoughts into positives ones.

If you’re interested in more information on Chakras, check out this article .


Howlite is used by many to relieve all forms of stress. It is extremely calming and can help you find the patience you need to deal with stress and anxiety. If you often find yourself becoming enraged or angry because of your stress or anxiety, Howlite can help you eliminate this. Howlite helps calm unsettled emotions and allows you to release past life issues that currently affect your present life and emotions.


This crystal will connect you to Universal love and what better way to start your journey to finding peace and calmness in your previously stressful life. Carrying Kunzite with you on a daily basis will help you be self-contained and provide you with a shield for your aura to dispel negativity and unwelcome energies.


A beautiful blue stone, Labradorite is the bringer of light. Like Kunzite, it will connect you to the loving energy of the Universe. It is particularly good for those suffering from stress and anxiety because it can help you calm your overactive mind. It will help you banish your fears and insecurities and provides you with what you need to let go of mental and spiritual issues from your past.


Moonstone is one of the best stones you can use to calm your emotions if you feel as though they are getting out of control over a particular situation or because of an emotional trigger you have. Moonstone can provide you with the emotional support you need to soothe your mind and stabilize your feelings.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the Crystal of Love. If you are having trouble loving yourself or receiving love from others, Rose Quartz is a great crystal for you. A Rose Quartz can also provide infinite peace and is calming and reassuring. If you are stressed or anxious because of particular traumatic experience, Rose Quartz can help. It encourages you to forgive and accept yourself and can be used to re-establish trust and harmony in a relationship.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz neutralizes negative vibrations and will ground your spiritual energy. It is a great crystal to help you relieve the stress that is in your life. It can help you along your journey to break from depression and will calm your emotions.

How and When to Use Crystals and Stones to Heal Your Stress and Anxiety

Once you’ve chosen the stones of crystals you feel will help you the most in your journey toward relieving your stress and anxiety, you’ll need to choose how you’re going to use the stones. Go with your instincts and use your stones and crystals in whatever way you feel will help you bring calmness to your mind and life. If you’re unsure of where to start, here are some of the most common ways to use stones and crystals to help heal your stress and anxiety.

  • While you meditate
  • Carrying the stone or crystal with you
  • Hold the stone or crystal in your hands and visualize your healing
  • Place on one of your chakras
  • Wear as jewelry so that the stone or crystal is always with you

The stones and crystals we discussed above are just some of our favourites to help heal stress and anxiety. There are so many more stones and crystals that can help you with whatever is causing stress and anxiety in your life. Remember, if you feel as though a certain crystal will help you, trust yourself, you are the only one who truly knows how to heal your mind, body, and soul.

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