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​The Awesome & Abundant Attributes of Agate

​The Awesome & Abundant Attributes of Agate

Posted by Diane Simon, Nature's For You on 2023 Jan 24th

What exactly is Agate?

For starters, Agate is one of the most common forms of Chalcedony, which in turn is the most common form of Quartz on Mother Earth. Occurring in many different forms, colors, patterns & varieties, Agate has been well known since antiquity. Historically, it had a very high value as it was one of the main gemstones used for ornamental and small sculptures. There are 1000’s of named agates found in nearly all countries of the world. Many are named for their formation, others for the location they’re found. And despite being “common”, many varieties of Agate aren’t common at all.

How is Agate Formed?

Agate GeodesMost Agates formed slowly over time by filling a cavity in a host rock which was mostly ancient volcanic eruptive rocks or ancient lavas. They formed when gas bubbles trapped in the solidifying lava became filled with alkali & silica bearing waters which coagulated into a gel. The alkali attacked the iron in the surrounding lava and alternating bands of the resulting iron hydroxide were created within the gel. As the gel lost water, this pattern was repeated until all the silica solution was gone. If there was a proper balance with mineral impurities, the entire cavity was filled with the wavy bands of Agate left intact and a solid stone formed. If not, a hole would be left in the middle lined with druzy quartz crystals such as that of Agate geodes.

What are the metaphysical healing properties of Agate?

Agate has a slow and gentle healing energy that manifests over time and its many excellent healing properties are varied.

A very grounding, centering and stabilizing stone, Agate balances all aspects of yourself - your emotions, intellect & emotions as well as your spiritual & physical self. It also enhances your life force energy, known as Chi or Prana.

Agate harmonizes Yin and Yang, the positive and negative forces that hold the Universe in place, as well as balancing these opposite energies within your own body. This concept of Taoism is of duality forming a whole and the two halves striving together for complete wholeness.

A strengthening stone, Agate supports you in learning about and accepting yourself as well as encouraging you to be the best that you can possibly be and finding higher guidance on what that path might be. Helping you to take a good look at yourself, Agate reveals hidden circumstances that currently interfere with your well-being and progress –  physical, emotional as well as spiritual.

In a practical way, Agate helps you to concentrate, stimulates memories and improves your perception and analytical abilities - leading to practical solutions to problems or issues you might be experiencing.

It also helps you to accept yourself, builds your self-confidence and helps you to speak your own truth freely, with love and without fear.

A calming and soothing stone, Agate overcomes negativity, bitterness and anger, replacing it with a loving energy that helps to heal inner anger and resentment towards others or life in general.

This in turn gives you the courage to start again, no matter what the circumstances, and is useful for any sort of emotional trauma as Agate creates a sense of safety and security by dissolving inner tensions with its peaceful & comforting energy.

Ultimately, Agate raises your consciousness, linking you into the collective consciousness and awareness of the oneness of life and Spirit as the source of everything. It encourages quiet contemplation of life experiences, leading to spiritual growth and inner stability.

Additionally, any form of Agate stabilizes & protects your aura, eliminating and transforming negative energies into positive loving vibrations in their place.

This powerful cleansing effect of Agate also helps to heal at physical, as well as emotional, psychological & spiritual levels.

In addition to the above, the many different forms of Agate – ranging from Blue Lace to Zebra – have their own special additional healing properties based on their different colors and unique energetic vibrations.

Blue Lace Agate

Tumbled Blue Lace Agate Stones

When you look at a piece of Blue Lace Agate you can’t help but think of wavy aquatic blue ocean waves – striated bands that are inherent to most kinds of Agate.

Blue is a peaceful color and Blue Lace Agate is an excellent crystal to use on stressful days to relieve tensions and worries. Blue is also the color of your Throat Chakra and Blue Lace Agate balances & heals this important chakra, helping you to freely express your true self, thoughts & feelings with love. It also helps you to not suppress your feelings, especially those that stem from the fear of being judged.

Where to buy Blue Lace Agate stones and more information about them

Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate

Found only in Botswana, Africa, this unique type of Agate has soft warm layers & markings of shades of gentle pinks, apricots, browns and grays.

Just like a cozy blanket, it’s a very comforting & protective stone, helping to soothe the pain of loneliness, hurt or loss. Botswana Agate helps you to find & follow through on solutions to issues in your life, rather than dwelling on problems and getting frustrated. Helping you to see the “bigger picture”, it helps you to not be afraid to explore unknown territory and your own creativity. Botswana Agate is also thought to be an excellent stone for anyone to carry on their person who is connected with fire or smoke, and it helps anyone who wants to quit smoking.

Where to buy Botswana Agate stones and more information about them

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate stone

Only found in sunny Mexico, this particular type of Agate has a happy energy that reminds you of fiestas. It’s often brightly colored with complex lacy patterns with forms such as swirls, eyes, zigzags & bands. Predominantly white, its markings are creamy shades of grays, browns & black, with occasional markings of yellow, gold, red or scarlet.

Often called Happy Lace or the Laughter Stone, Crazy Lace Agate has a happy joyful energy such as that of sunny Mexico fiestas and dancing. A supportive & encouraging stone, Mexican Crazy Lace Agate helps you to feel optimistic & happy, able to enjoy life no matter the circumstances. Such is its vibrant energy that you can foster a sense of oneness, uniting people, families & groups simply by placing a piece in a room.

Where to buy Mexican Crazy Lace Agate & more information about it

Fire Agate

Fire Agate stone

A rare variety of layered chalcedony quartz which has a fiery iridescent effect, this natural gemstone has so far only been discovered in certain areas of central & northern Mexico and a few states in the southwestern United States. Fire Agate has a translucent deep reddish-brown base, with flashes of orange, red, green and gold that appear as living flames within the gem.

Fire Agate has a deep connection to the earth and its energy is calming, bringing feelings of security and safety. It has strong grounding powers and is an excellent stone to use for spiritual support during difficult times. It’s also an extremely protective crystal to use, especially against ill-wishing. It energizes and balances your Root Chakra, stimulating vitality on all levels. It’s also a good stone to use for help in giving up cravings, addictions and other destructive desires as it encourages you to be determined in all your pursuits.

Where to buy Fire Agate stones & more information about them

Green Moss Agate

Green Moss Agate stones

Moss agate is a form of chalcedony which includes minerals of a green colour embedded in the stone that form filaments & other lacey patterns similar to that exhibited by moss. The matrix is normally clear or milky-white quartz & the mineral inclusions are mainly manganese or iron oxides. It is not a true form of agate, as it lacks agate's defining feature of concentric banding.

Green Moss Agate is a stabilizing stone that is strongly connected with Nature. It helps you to see the beauty in all you behold, with its energy refreshing your soul. A stone of new beginnings as well as spiritual growth, it’s an excellent stone to use for manifesting and attracting abundance. Green Moss Agate is helpful for anyone suffering from depression and can give insights into the reasons behind difficult circumstances.

Where to buy Green Moss Agate and more information about it

Third Eye Agate

Third Eye Agate Stone

Also called Third Eye Stones, Shiva's Eye Agate or Eye of Shiva, these unusual stones are found only in India. Third Eye Agates are composed of concentric rings of different colored brown and black agates and wash up on riverbanks. They're carved & polished into the shape of an eye and have been highly revered in many cultures for thousands of years.

Third Eye Agate has long been believed and used as a talisman for protection against evil and transforming any part of your life to a more desirable state. It transforms & eliminates negative energy and warms of & prevents psychic attack. Opening & stimulating your Brow Chakra, Third Eye Agate increases your awareness of your inner and external world and helps you to interpret and understand it through Spirit. It also enhances your intuition & other psychic abilities, as well as stimulating your imagination & awakening your inherent or hidden talents. Helping you to take a good look at yourself, Third Eye Agate supports you in making changes to benefit your well-being. It’s an excellent stone to use when seeking guidance in finding a new path or approach in life, or in any quest to gain something you’d like but don’t currently possess.

Where to buy Third Eye Agate stones and more information about them

Tree Agate

Tree Agate Stone

Not an Agate in the strict sense as it isn’t banded, Tree Agate also known as Dendritic Agate. It’s usually colorless, white, or gray & has fern or tree like inclusions of iron or manganese which are called dendrites. Occasionally, but much more rare, are green Tree Agates with white dendrites.

Tree Agate has a strong connection with the plant kingdom and is a stone of plenitude, manifestation & abundance - both spiritually & materially. A good stone to use for introspection & self-discovery, it helps you to have a wider viewpoint and communicate & find peace with the Earth and others on it. Meditating with Tree Agate helps to improve your connection to the energy flows of the earth and plant kingdoms. Creating a peaceful environment with its harmonious energy, Tree Agate encourages you to be present and enjoy each moment. It helps you to be centered & stable during stressful or confusing times and to be persistent and see difficulties as challenges instead of problems.

Where to Buy Tree Agate stones and more information about them

Turitella Agate

Turitella Agate Stones

Turitella Agate is mainly an earthy brown or black color, with random patterns of ancient fossilized snails and sea creatures. An ancient stone of strength & protection, it has strong powers of wisdom and healing. 

Turitella Agate is another good stone to use for self-analysis & revealing hidden circumstances that may be interfering with your well-being. It’s also helpful for unlocking deep-seated traumas that are currently manifesting in your life as physical symptoms and phobias. Turitella Agate’s energy heals emotional disharmony and past grievances that stand in the way of healthy relationships and it helps you to gain access to the wisdom of past worlds & past lives.

Where to buy Turitella Agate stones and more information about them

Zebra Agate

Zebra Agate Stones

Zebra Agate is usually a white and black stone that is a combination of Quartz and Basalt with a zebra-type pattern. On rare occasion, its colors are red-brown, grey or yellow.

Helping you to have compassion & understanding for others, Zebra Agate enables you to see beneath superficial qualities & “masks” and to see all sides of an issue. It also teaches you that the eternal source of energy and love is always available to you & is an excellent stone to use for manifesting your desires. It’s a good stone to use to stop "over-thinking" and enjoy life a day at a time and as it comes. Zebra Agate encourages you to stop considering failure as an option in life and taking action towards reaching your dreams and goals. It’s another good stone for helping with depression & anxiety, as it’s very mood lifting & motivational. The vibration of Zebra Agate stimulates physical energy, stamina & endurance, making it a wonderful stone for athletes to use as well as those who tend to procrastinate.

Where to buy Zebra Agate stones and more information about them


As you can see, despite their similarities and commonalities, one type of Agate is sure not the same as another – just like people :) No matter which type it is, it’s a perfect stone to use for grounding, balance & protection. And to enjoy life as much as possible day by day with hope for the future and the strength & direction to make that possible. Agate is a pretty amazing & awesome stone that’s for sure!

If you’d like to learn more about Agate or stones in general, Check out this article on my website about how stones & crystals "work" and how to use & care for them.

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