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Brown Tourmaline

Information about the metaphysical healing meanings of Brown Tourmaline is included with purchase, as well as a brochure about the metaphysical meaning of stones & how to use them for healing.

Brown Tourmaline helps to bring the shadow side of yourself to your consciousness - Free info on Meanings and how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60

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Brown Tourmaline, also known as Dravite or Dravide, is the brown form of Tourmaline & is rich in sodium magnesium. Its color is various shades of brown ranging from dark brown that is almost black through to a quite stunning clear golden brown color.

Professor Gustav Tschermak of Vienna named Dravite in 1884 after where it was first found – the Drava River area of the then Austro-Hungarian Empire.

This brown variety of Tourmaline is found in some of the same places as Black Tourmaline & may be easily confused with it as the two stones are quite similar. Places where it is found are Brazil, Austria, Slovenia & Australia.

Brown Tourmaline Meaning of Healing

Brown Tourmaline has a very strong earth connection & is an excellent stone for grounding. It also helps to bring the shadow side of yourself to your consciousness.

Additional healing meanings of Brown Tourmaline include the following:

  • deeply cleansing energetically & clears your aura
  • aligns & protects your etheric body
  • calm, relaxing & reassuring energy that helps you cope with anxiety & worry
  • helps you release negative energy & replaces it with high vibration loving energy
  • encourages community spirit & social commitment
  • heals dysfunctional family relationships
  • strengthens empathy, particularly towards yourself
  • helps you to love and accept yourself as you are
  • helps you deal with old issues & things you’d rather not face and move on with life in a more positive direction
  • improves your self-esteem & confidence
  • helps you to feel comfortable in large groups
  • helps you deal with emotional problems
  • helps you to be creative
  • gives you extra stamina & perseverance when you’re facing difficult situations
  • helps you overcome addictions
  • treats intestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome & Crohn’s Disease
  • helps you to better absorb the nutrients from food
  • helps skin diseases, the lymphatic system & blood disorders
  • stimulates regeneration in the whole body

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