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Information about the healing meanings of Cassiterite is included with purchase, as well as a brochure about the metaphysical meaning of stones & how to use them for healing.

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Cassiterite is a powerful grounding stone, both physically & spiritually – Free info on healing meanings & how to use with purchase – Free shipping over $60.The primary ore of tin, Cassiterite is a tin oxide mineral that most often occurs in hydrothermal veins & pegmatites, typically associated with granite intrusions. A durable mineral, it is also often found in alluvial placer deposits & igneous rocks. Its color can be black, yellow, brown, red or white. Cassiterite is quite wide spread & can be found in Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia, the United Kingdom & the United States.

Cassiterite’s name comes from the Greek word “Kassiteros” which means tin; it could also come from the Phoenician word “Cassiterid” referring to either Spain or Ireland & Britain, “the islands off the western coast of Europe”, ancient sources of tin in pre Roman times.

Cassiterite Meaning of Healing

A stone of divinity, Cassiterite is also referred to as the “tin stone”. It has a deep grounding energy that has a strong Earth Chakra connection.  

Other metaphysical healing meanings of Cassiterite stones include the following:

  • powerful grounding stone, both physically & spiritually
  • protects you from physical danger
  • balances your energy & energizes you according to your needs
  • helps to bring Divine loving light into your body
  • is excellent for deep meditation
  • balances all of your chakras, particularly your Root Chakra
  • removes energetic blockages & helps you to feel more balanced
  • helps you to let go of negative energy that holds you back in your life’s journey
  • helps you to focus & think clearly
  • helps you to manifest your desires, dreams & hopes, as well as attract prosperity
  • encourages to you see & let go of ideas and ideals that no longer suit your best interests
  • heals old issues of rejection, abandonment, disapproval or prejudice, helping to dissolve the pain & negative energy associated with those feelings
  • encourages deep healing at the soul level
  • instills compassion & encourages you to forgive those who have caused you hurt and grief
  • helps you to feel hopeful & optimistic
  • helpful for problem solving, particularly mathematics
  • aids shamanic journeying
  • helpful stone for anyone who has been told they have a terminal illness
  • helps them deal with outstanding issues
  • thought to ease suffering associated with death, also helping to guide the souls of the deceased to eternal light
  • also thought to have great power in helping with the process of reincarnation
  • used in the treatment of eating disorders, compulsive behaviors, obesity & hormonal imbalances

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