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Information about the properties & uses of Chlorite is included with purchase, as well as a brochure about the metaphysical properties of stones & how to use them.

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Chlorite has a healing energy with a strong connection to Mother Earth – Free info on properties and how to use with purchase – Free shipping over $60.

"Chlorite" is the group name for about 10 different related minerals that are light to dark green, grayish-green or black. Rarer types are white, yellow, pink, purple & brown. The name Chlorite is also used to describe any green member of that group whose exact identify is difficult to determine. Most chlorite minerals are green in color & are found in igneous, metamorphic & sedimentary rocks. The most common Chlorite minerals are Clinochlore, Pennantite, Cookeite & Chamosite.

Chlorite minerals are quite common and often coat the surface of other minerals. However, when it forms as inclusions in crystals such as Quartz, it makes the host mineral green & sometimes even has phantom growths. Each one is different & resembles a beautiful underwater coral reef.

Chlorite Mineral Properties & Uses

Chlorite is thought to be one of the most powerful self-healing & regeneration minerals that has a strong connection to Mother Earth. Its cleansing vibration is beneficial for your personal energy field as well as your environment, as Chlorite naturally lifts the vibration of the human organism higher than the lower & denser one of illness.

Additional properties and uses of Chlorite include the following:

  • helps you to feel balanced & enjoy the present moment
  • stabilizes emotions and moods
  • helpful with self-healing & regeneration, as well as global healing work
  • removes negative energy of all kinds including illness, hostility and anger
  • cleanses your aura
  • aligns & energizes your Chakras & energy meridians, bringing balance to your entire being
  • resonates with your Heart Chakra
  • gives you strength & inspiration
  • provides insights and support
  • enhances your spiritual development
  • helps to eliminate toxins
  • encourages the growth of helpful bacteria
  • stimulates health, growth & new life
  • aids regeneration on a cellular level
  • speeds up recovery
  • helps you to assimilate vitamins A & E, iron, magnesium & calcium
  • relieves pain

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