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Crazy Lace Agate

Information about Crazy Lace Agate meanings is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical meaning of stones and how to use them. 

crazy-lace-agate.436.jpgCrazy Lace Agate for Sale

An attractive multi-colored lace agate, Crazy Lace Agate is found in Northern Mexico in the state of Chihuahua. It’s often brightly colored with complex lacy patterns with forms such as swirls, eyes, zigzags and bands. Predominantly white, its layers are creamy shades of gray, brown and black with occasional layers of yellow, gold, red or scarlet. 

In ancient times, this agate was worn to placate the gods, and to give courage. Like other agates and silica rocks, Crazy Lace agate is a good general healing stone. 

Metaphysical Meaning of Crazy Lace Agate 

Often called “Happy Lace” or “the Laughter Stone”, Crazy Lace Agate has a joyful energy associated with sunny Mexico fiestas and dancing. A supportive and encouraging stone, Crazy Lace Agate helps you to feel optimistic and happy.

Crazy Lace Agate vibrates with a slow and gentle energy pattern that is stabilizing and strengthening. Although it’s bands appear quite delicate, this stone has a very strong energy that helps to balance your emotions, physical body and intellect.

Additional metaphysical meanings of Crazy Lace Agate include the following: 

  • stabilizes and protects your aura
  • gets rid of and transforms negative energy of any kind
  • has a powerful cleansing effect on many levels
  • harmonizes your Yin and Yang energy, the positive and negative forces of the Universe
  • stimulates ideas, dreams and visions
  • raises your awareness of Source energy
  • helps to link you into the collective consciousness of the oneness of life
  • conducive to meditation, opening your mind to inner truths and higher thoughts
  • calm, relaxing energy that encourages you to enjoy life and have fun
  • helps you to concentrate and think clearly
  • stimulates your analytical abilities and perception, fostering new ideas
  • encourages flexibility in both your actions and thinking
  • helps you to contemplate your experiences, leading to spiritual growth and inner stability
  • fosters a sense of oneness, uniting people, families and groups just by being placed in a room
  • heals emotional disharmony that prevents you from accepting love
  • helps you to accept yourself and increases your self-esteem
  • gives you the courage to speak your own truth
  • heals emotional pain
  • overcomes negativity and bitterness
  • heals anger, grudges and helps you to love others, as well as yourself
  • gives you courage and strength
  • overcomes sadness and depression, helping you to have happier thoughts and attitude towards life
  • helps you to feel secure, composed and confident
  • useful for any kind of trauma
  • keeps you safe when travelling
  • stimulates and treats the digestive system
  • beneficial for the eyes
  • improves and stimulates metabolism 

Crazy Lace Agate for Sale

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