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Information about the uses of Emerald is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical energy of stones and how to use them.

emerald.436.jpgEmerald Stones for Sale

How to Use Emerald

Known as the "Stone of Successful Love”, Emerald is a life-affirming stone with great integrity. Other uses include:

  • instills inspiration and infinite patience
  • brings domestic bliss and loyalty
  • enhances unity, unconditional love and partnership
  • promotes friendship
  • keeps a partnership in balance
  • helps you cope with life’s misfortunes
  • promotes discernment and truth, protecting you from falsehoods and unseen agendas
  • resonates with your Heart Chakra
  • has a calming effect on your emotions
  • balances the physical, emotional and mental 
  • eliminates negativity and brings in positive energy in its place
  • focuses your intentions and raises your consciousness, resulting in positive action and manifestation
  • enhances your intuition
  • strengthens your character and memory
  • inspires a deep inner knowing and broader vision
  • helps you to discern the truth
  • helps you to express yourself eloquently
  • helps bring to the surface what you know unconsciously
  • extremely beneficial for mutual understanding and cooperation within a group of people
  • aids recovery and healing after infectious illness

Emerald Stones for Sale

Information about How to Use Stones

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