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Information about the healing meanings of Eudialyte is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical meaning of healing stones & how to use & care for them.

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Eudialyte Meaning - Healing

Eudialyte is a very protective & powerful stone of the heart - Free info on healing meanings and how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60.

Eudialyte is a very protective & powerful stone of the heart that increases & revitalizes your personal power as well as helping you recognize what your life path is. Its other healing meanings include:

  • brings harmony
  • dispels jealousy
  • helps you to learn to trust yourself & others
  • lessens compulsive behavior & thinking
  • heals your emotions
  • stabilizing & grounding
  • aids creativity
  • stimulates clairaudience & manifestation skills
  • helps develop telepathy & ESP by creating an increase in both beta & alpha brain waves
  • carries positive vibrations
  • has a strong ability to increase coincidences & synchronicity in your life
  • brings your Root Chakra & Heart Chakra into alignment
  • activates & opens the Heart Chakra
  • increases physical vitality
  • helps with eye problems, the pancreas & thyroid
  • helps the heart, especially where arteries need repair & strengthening
  • purifies the blood & also helps to increase blood flow to areas needed after deep invasive & life threatening surgery
  • helps to strengthen blood vessels, keeps them healthy & helps increase the red blood cell count
  • helps to lower intoxicating substances within the blood itself
  • a good stone to help repair vascular damage & in healing after treatment to the veins
  • an excellent stone to fight against blood diseases, particularly Leukemia
  • also helps in the treatment of bone marrow diseases
  • helps with healing & stabilizing after invasive dental surgery

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