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Information about the metaphysical properties of Garnet is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical properties of healing stones & how to use them.

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Garnet Metaphysical Properties of Healing

Garnet is a powerful stone – Free info on metaphysical properties and how to use with purchase – Free shipping over $60.

Garnet is a powerful stone that energizes & regenerates, as well as inspiring love & devotion.

Other metaphysical healing properties of Garnet include:

  • cleanses & re-energizes all of the Chakras as well as clearing negative Chakra energy
  • revitalizes, purifies & balances energy
  • instills serenity as well as passion
  • very protective, warning of approaching danger
  • eases emotional disharmony
  • stimulates the controlled rise of Kundalini energy
  • aids sexual potency & balances the sex drive
  • useful in a crisis or traumatic situation
  • strengthens your survival instinct
  • gives you courage & hope
  • boosts your self-confidence
  • has strong link with pituitary gland, stimulating expanded awareness and past-life recall
  • sharpens your perception of yourself & others
  • dissolves ingrained behaviour patterns that no longer work in your best interests
  • removes inhibitions & things that hold you back
  • opens up your Heart Chakra
  • regenerates the body & stimulates metabolism
  • treats spinal & cellular disorders
  • re-energizes the heart, blood, lungs & DNA
  • assists with the assimilation of minerals &d vitamins

Buy Garnet Stones

Information about the Metaphysical Properties of Healing Stones

Information about your Chakras