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Information about the meanings of Goldstone is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical meaning of stones and how to use them for healing.

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Goldstone is a man-made gemstone which incorporates tiny copper flakes in glass. First developed as a secret process by monks in Italy, apparently by accident, Goldstone has a very unique look and feel. It is typically a reddish brown with speckles of microscopic copper crystals that formed as the glass cooled. It also comes in other colors with silvery speckles such as blue.

Goldstone Meaning of Healing

Goldstone shares Copper’s metaphysical properties of attracting abundance, harmonizing relationships and stimulating creativity. Because copper is a good conductor of electricity, Goldstone helps to direct spiritual energy. It can be used for energy work, physical vitality and to charge other minerals. Copper is also believed to ease arthritic and rheumatic pain and strengthen the circulatory system and bones.

Glass represents spiritual protection, personal transformation and the flow of spiritual energy between the physical and spiritual realms.

In and of itself, Goldstone is known as a stone of ambition and initiative that can help you reach your goals. Some of its other meanings include the following:

  • helps you to stay calm
  • stabilizes your emotions
  • very protective
  • can be used as an energy generator to deflect unwanted energies
  • revitalizes your own energy field 
  • gives you confidence and strength
  • helps you to feel optimistic and happy
  • advances and stabilizes energies of intuition, sexuality, desire and vitality

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