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Green Calcite

Information about the healing properties of Green Calcite is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet on the metaphysical healing properties of stones and how to use & care for them.  

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Green Calcite Healing Properties

Green Calcite is a mental healer - Free info on healing properties and how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60.

Green Calcite is a mental healer.  Other healing properties of Green Calcite include:

  • dissolves rigid beliefs & old programs
  • restores balance to the mind
  • helps you to let go of what is familiar & comfortable but which no longer serves your best interests
  • aids communication & transition to a positive situation
  • helps children (and adults) hold their own in debates
  • powerful stimulator for the immune system
  • absorbs negativity
  • rids the body of bacterial infections
  • helps arthritis & constrictions of the ligaments or muscles
  • helpful in bone adjustments
  • cools fevers, burns & inflammation
  • calms the adrenals & soothes anger generated dis-ease

Green Calcite also has the healing properties that are inherent to any type of Calcite.

Calcite Healing Properties

Calcite is a powerful amplifier & cleanser of energy.  Simply having a piece of Calcite in a room can clean negative energies from the environment & heighten your own energy. Continue reading about the Healing Properties of Calcite

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