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Heart Chakra

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Information about Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is located in the center of your chest. The Sanskrit word for the Fourth Chakra is "Anahata" meaning “unhurt, unstruck or unbeaten”.

The Heart Chakra has subtle harmonies that can be likened to plucking or striking a musical instrument. It lies at the center of your subtle body & is linked to both physical & spiritual aspects. It can take energy from the upper chakras & transform it to be absorbed by the lower chakras. In turn it can take the lower chakra energies & transform them into energy that forms your ideas, dreams & thoughts.

You use this chakra center to touch others with love & compassion. Opening of your Heart Chakra enables you to give & receive the gift of love.

The Heart Chakra is associated with the color green or pink. This love center of our human energy system is often the focus in bringing about a healing. Thus, the words "Love Heals All" have great truth. Hurtful situations that can affect our emotional being are divorce or separation, grief through death, emotional abuse, abandonment & adultery. All of these are wounding to the Heart Chakra. Physical illnesses brought about by heartbreak require that an emotional healing occur along with the physical healing. Learning to love yourself is a powerful first step in securing a healthy 4th Chakra.

Heart Chakra Associations

  • Color - green or pink which is the color of Universal love
  • Physical Location - center of chest
  • Stones & Crystals - Rose QuartzPink TourmalineGreen AventurineMalachiteJade
  • Associated Endocrine Gland – Thymus Gland
  • Purposes - emotional empowerment
  • Spiritual Lesson - forgiveness, unconditional love, letting go, trust, compassion
  • Physical Dysfunctions- heart conditions, asthma, lung & breast cancers, thoracic spine, pneumonia, upper back, shoulder problems
  • Mental and Emotional Issues - love, compassion, confidence, inspiration, hope, despair, hate, envy, fear, jealousy, anger, generosity
  • Information Stored Inside Heart Chakra - connections or "heart strings" to those whom we love
  • Area of Body Governed - heart, circulatory system, blood, lungs, rib cage, diaphragm, thymus, breasts, esophagus, shoulders, arms, hands

The Heart Chakra is about love, kindness & affection.  When it is open, you are compassionate & friendly and you work at harmonious relationships.  When it is underactive, you are cold & distant.  If the Heart Chakra is overactive, you are suffocating people with your love & your love probably has quite selfish reasons. 

Heart Chakra Products for Sale 

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