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Honeycomb Calcite

Information about the healing properties of Honeycomb Calcite is included with purchase, as well as a brochure about the metaphysical healing properties of stones & how to use them.

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Honeycomb Calcite has a gentle expansive vibration that amplifies energy – Free info on healing properties with purchase – Free shipping over $60.Honeycomb calcite is an unusual form of Calcite that ranges from a creamy pale yellow to a deep golden honey amber color. Its coloring is caused by Sulphur inclusions. It gets its name because of this stone’s many small holes and pits which are typical of alveolar or “honeycomb” weathering - the breakdown of rocks on the surface of the Earth by the action of natural elements such as rainwater, temperature extremes and biological activity.

Honeycomb Calcite Healing Properties

Honeycomb Calcite has a gentle expansive vibration that amplifies energy. Simply placing a piece in a room can clear stagnant & negative energies, as well as heighten your energy. Stones with natural holes such as Honeycomb Calcite – holey stones – are believed to possess powerful protective energy.

Additional healing properties of Honeycomb Calcite include the following:

  • heals and activates your Crown & Navel Chakras
  • strengthens your psychic abilities, astral projection & higher consciousness
  • excellent for meditation and attuning to higher Source energy & guidance
  • calming energy that alleviates stress & brings serenity
  • gives you the power to solidify new relationships & new interests
  • encourages you to persevere & deal with change as well as see things from a new & different perspective
  • motivating energy that helps with procrastination & laziness
  • helps you to act on your ideas
  • instills courage & helps you to overcome obstacles
  • helps you to feel optimistic if you’ve lost hope
  • adds zest, optimism & meaning to your life & relationships
  • helps you to think clearly, focus & remember things
  • helps recovery from abusive situations
  • strengthens feelings of self-worth & confidence
  • helps you to use your personal power in the right way
  • encourages responsibility in leadership
  • excellent for physical healing
  • benefits kidneys, bladder & female organs

Honeycomb Calcite also has the healing properties that are inherent to any kind of Calcite. Read about Calcite Healing Properties.

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