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How do Pendulums Work

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Online shop selling an assortment of metal wood & gemstone dowsing pendulums - instructions on how to use one included with purchase - Free shipping over $60.Information about how pendulums work & how to use one is included with purchase.

How Do Pendulums Work?

A pendulum is a “bob” attached by a chain or string to a pivot point that can be used to determine answers to your questions or help you find things. The force of gravity & your subconscious mind causes them to swing or move in energetic patterns to give basic yes or no answers to simple questions.

When held properly, a pendulum essentially reacts to your subconscious via small & different nerve reactions in your fingers that are generated in response to your question(s). These transmissions affect the chain and in turn the weight, causing it to move in different directions or patterns. It’s not magic at all but more using a metaphysically scientific way of communicating with your inner & higher self, and getting answers to questions your conscious mind doesn’t know or understand.

A pendulum gives basic yes & no answers to simple questions using different patterns for different people. They move in straight lines (back & forward or side to side) or circles (clockwise or counter clockwise) or elliptical motions. And if they move faster and more energetically, it means change is in store or an upcoming critical issue is related to your line of questioning.

Every individual has their own unique & personal energy level and the same pendulum will give different ways of answering yes or no to different people. Different pendulums will also give the same person different ways of saying yes or no so it is always very important to determine each pendulum’s personal pattern before you start asking questions.

We all have an instinctive way of knowing when our energies are high and positive or low and negative. Everyone has the ability to use the pendulum for dowsing and will experience a response of some sort the very first time they try using one. As with everything else, the more you practice, the more accurate your responses will become. All you need to do is keep an open mind to the possibility that it can be done and it will work for you too.

How to Use a Pendulum

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