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How to Use a Dowsing Pendulum

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Information about using a dowsing pendulum is included with purchase.

How to Use a Dowsing Pendulum

You can buy an assortment of pendulums online in our pendulum shop – Instructions on how to use one is included with purchase – Free shipping over $60.A pendulum is a method for dowsing and can be any weight which is known as a bobber suspended on a string, thread or chain. You can buy them online in our pendulum shop or even make your own.

Dowsing is a technique for locating objects including things you've lost or misplaced or determining yes or no answers to questions that you have.

When held properly, a pendulum essentially reacts to your subconscious via small different nerve reactions in your fingers that are generated in response to your question(s). These transmissions affect the chain and in turn the weight, causing it to move in different directions or patterns. It’s a metaphysically scientific way of communicating with your inner & higher self and getting answers to questions your conscious mind doesn’t know or understand.

By holding the end of the chain or string or a pendulum between your thumb and first two fingers of your dominant hand, you can determine specific answers to specific questions by the pendulum’s type of movement.

The first step is to determine how your pendulum will show you yes or no answers and it’s always a good idea to start off each session doing this. One day your pendulum might go back and forth to say yes, and another day in a clockwise circle although generally the same pendulum gives you the same answers as long as no one else uses it.

A pendulum will either swing back and forth in a straight line (front to back or side to side), in circles (clockwise or counter clockwise) or in an elliptical motion.

To begin, you should sit in a comfortable position and remove any jewelry or watches. It’s also important to feel relaxed both in body and mind. You can take a few deep breaths to help you achieve this while you focus on what you want to ask your pendulum.

There’s no ritual as such to use a pendulum, just do whatever feels right and comfortable for you. Some people like to hold it in their hand for a while before they begin to charge and connect with their pendulum.

Your pendulum needs to be able to swing freely so you can either rest your elbow on a table or hold your arm in a horizontal position, whichever is most comfortable for you. Make sure that your feet are not crossed and are flat on the floor so that you're grounded & centered.

Hold the chain or string of the pendulum between your thumb and first two fingers of your dominant hand, the one that you write with, and let it hang down freely.  If it's a rather long string, hold it about 4 to 6 inches up from the bobber. Then use your other hand to touch the point or end of the bobber to steady its motion. Make sure your elbow is secure on the table so the pendulum hangs still.

Keep your eyes on the point while you’re doing this and be certain you’re not guiding the movement of the pendulum with your fingers or hand.

It's not necessary but personally I always like to start off a pendulum session by saying thank you for the help it's going to give me - and I also like to end by saying thank you too :)

Now address the pendulum and say, "Please Show me 'Yes'." It will soon swing in one direction - which could be side to side, back and forth, or clockwise or counter clockwise circles. Now say, "Please Show me No" and it should swing in the opposite direction. Do this a few times to make sure you're getting the same result each time and once you have determined the pattern for Yes and No - you are ready to begin.

Another method to figure out your yes and no answers is to put your other hand on the table in front of you with the palm down and suspend the pendulum an inch or so over the nail bed of your middle finger (but not too close). After a time, the pendulum will begin to move in a specific pattern. This pattern over your third middle finger will always indicate a “Yes” answer to your question. Now hold the pendulum over the nail bed of your index finger and watch it change direction. It will be directly opposite or totally different from your first and positive response, but it should change direction in some manner. This response will always indicate a negative or “No” answer. Move the pendulum and suspend it over your thumb. Again the pendulum will change direction to something different or possibly stop. This pattern is your “Maybe” answer and will show up if you are not ready to know an answer or if the question was not clear enough to determine an answer. It is recommended that you repeat this exercise often enough until an exact pattern is established and unchanging. This is important so that your answers will be clear to you. When you're ready to begin, turn your palm face up and suspend the pendulum over the center of your hand while you ask questions or just hold the pendulum out and use it normally.

Note that there are times when the answer is unknown or more information is needed. In this case, your pendulum will swing diagonally. Also the faster it moves, the stronger the energies. Occasionally, the bobber will even appear to dance up and down which is usually an affirmative answer. Or if it happens to not move at all, that would mean you should probably stop and try again another time.

Now you are ready to begin to ask your questions and you may choose to record the answers.

It’s a good idea to start with a simple question with an obvious answer such as, "Is it sunny today?" "Is it Tuesday?" or “Will you help answer my questions?" to confirm your pendulum’s yes or no method of answering.

Then you can move on to personal questions.

It’s important to ask a question only once. You should avoid repeatedly asking the same question or questions about the future. If you need more information, you could use a chart. If you do use a chart, your pendulum should be about 2 inches above it. You could also use your pendulum over a pad or cloth with “yes” and “no” written on it or perhaps other words written in a circle. Hold your pendulum as steadily as possible over the center of the cloth or chart as you ask your questions.

If the motion of your pendulum increases - or the circles or swings get larger – that means the energy is increasing and you can expect change linked to the question you asked. In this case, you should ask additional but different questions to get more information.

In closing, the only time you can ask something about another person is if you have their permission. Remember that not everyone’s established pattern is the same and only the person holding the pendulum can give out the answers.

Have fun!

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