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How to Make Your Own Rose Water

How to Make Your Own Rose Water

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1 cup fresh or dried rose petals

4 cups water

Simmer in a pot for approximately 30 minutes. Strain with a fine mesh strainer and store in a glass jar.

Uses for Rose Water

There are endless uses for rose water.

  • flavoring in cooking
  • skin care - its hydrating, balancing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles
  • face toner - apply with a cotton ball after cleansing your face or misting directly onto your skin. The roses have mild astringent properties, so it helps tighten your pores & tone your complexion. It’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness & help acne.
  • room spritzer to freshen the air - you can add a few drops of essential oilts for additional aromatherapy benefits
  • spray it on your pillow and bedroom for a peaceful night's sleep
  • add it to your bath water
  • heals cuts, scars & burns
  • soothes skin irritation
  • enhances mood
  • relieves headaches

and much much more ...

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