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How to Use Moqui Marbles

Information about Moqui Marbles' healing meanings is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical healing meanings of stones & how to use them.

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Information about Moqui Marbles Meaning

How to Use Moqui Marbles

Moqui Marbles enhance your spiritual & intuitive growth - Free info on meanings and how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60.

Moqui Balls are best used in pairs... one female & one male stone.  These high energy stones also help you balance your male-female energies.

To determine whether a stone is male or female, hold a pendulum directly above the stone.  If it moves in a circular motion, the Moqui Ball is female; whereas, if the pendulum moves in a linear direction, the stone is male.  Moqui Balls have a distinct energy relating to their gender & size.  It is believed that larger stones have a slow, deep energy whereas smaller ones have a more vibrant, faster energy.

Moqui Balls have a lovely energy & are simply nice to hold. Their strong vibration enables you to balance your female-male energies simply by doing that, although the recommended way to achieve this is to place the smaller female stone at your Crown Chakra & the male one under your feet.

You can place one on your Third Eye Chakra to enhance your psychic abilities.

Wear or carry one on your person for grounding, centering and protection.

Another method of taking advantage of the energy of Shaman stones is to lie down & relax.  Hold a stone in your hand, or one in each hand.  If you’re receptive to their energy, it is believed that you’ll soon feel warmth coming up your arms.  Depending on your mood &/or what your intentions are, different things can happen …

Moqui Balls can also be used on your Solar Plexus Chakra & the Sacral Chakra to help your digestion & adrenal glands

They also feel good held in the hand during meditation. Used in meditation they may align all your Chakras as well as attuning your etheric & astral body.

Moqui Balls are excellent to use in a healing practice as they support healing on many levels. They can be programmed to heal & are believed to particularly helpful in healing the Throat Chakra & thyroid.

Being highly protective, as a healer you can use them to guard both yourself & your patient, especially if you are working with someone who has any type of negative entity attached to them that needs to be removed. 

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