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Larimar stimulates evolution, both personal and that of the earth – Free info on meanings and how to use with purchase – Free shipping over $60.Buy Larimar Stones

What's so special about Larimar?

For one thing, it only comes from one country in the world - Larimar is a rare blue variety of Pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic, which is located in the Caribbean. It’s also the only gemstone to be found in the entire Caribbean.

Sometimes called "The Dolphin Stone", this unique blue gemstone only exists in one location on that tiny island - the southwest corner in the mountains of Baharona at the Filipinas Mine in Los Checheses. Larimar is a form of Pectolite which isn’t a rare mineral itself, but no other variety has the unique and lovely sea-blue coloration of Larimar, reminiscent of the beautiful ocean surrounding the island. 

The color of Larimar is rarely solid but a sea-blue with white lines and rough circles. On occasion, it can also exhibit crystal needle-like patterns. The beautiful blue color of Larimar can vary in intensity from very light to greenish-blue to deep sky blue.

Larimar was discovered only recently - initially in 1916 and then its locality was apparently forgotten - until 1974 when Miguel Méndez, a Dominican native, and Norman Rilling, a visiting member of the US Peace Corps, found the locality again. Together they named this new stone "Larimar", which is a combination of "Larrisa" (Méndez's daughter's name) and "mar" (sea in Spanish). Due to its rarity and limited source, Larimar is difficult to obtain outside of the Caribbean.

Larimar is a soft gemstone and easily scratched so care should be taken when handling it. It can also fade if exposed to strong sunlight for long periods of time.

Larimar Meaning of Healing

One of only a few “New Age” gemstones that have been discovered in the last century or so, Larimar is a very spiritual stone that can open you up to new dimensions. A stone that stimulates the evolution of the earth, Larimar radiates peace, love & tranquility.

Other healing meanings of Larimar include:

  • induces a meditative state effortlessly, connecting you with Source energy
  • raises your consciousness
  • harmonizes your body & soul to new vibrations
  • empowers you spiritually
  • dissolves boundaries that limit your spirit
  • guides and supports you in your true pathway in life
  • helps you reconnect & strengthen your relationship with Mother Earth and Nature
  • facilitates angelic contact & communication with other realms
  • excellent stone for finding your soulmate
  • heals past-life relationships or heart traumas
  • helps to remove self-imposed blockages & limitations
  • dissolves self-sabotaging behaviours, especially martyrdom
  • helps you to take control of your life
  • also helps you to see things that need to be changed & supports you in doing so
  • excellent for alleviating guilt & removing fear
  • encourages you to be less critical & more forgiving of yourself
  • gently opens your heart & mind, helping you to see things from a more positive perspective
  • helps you to meet challenges calmly & without feeling stressed
  • instills serenity & peace
  • helps you to think clearly & constructively
  • stimulates creativity
  • encourages you to “go with the flow”
  • helps you to feel playful & joyful
  • helps with bipolar disorder, depression & apathy
  • encourage you to speak your inner truth – from your heart & with complete clarity
  • associated with your Heart & Throat Chakras
  • also stimulates Third Eye & Crown Chakras 

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