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Information about Lodestone metaphysical meanings is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical meaning of stones & how to use them for healing.

Lodestone for Sale

Metaphysical Meaning of Lodestone

Lodestone is naturally magnetic – Free info on metaphysical meanings with purchase – Free shipping over $60.

Lodestone (sometimes erroneously called Magnetite) is a naturally magnetic stone with a powerful positive-negative polarity.  Its metaphysical meanings include:

  • attracts & repels
  • energizes & sedates
  • good grounding stone
  • aids meditation, visualization & telepathy
  • helps you to be objective & have a balanced perspective
  • helps you to trust in your own intuition
  • attracts love, commitment, loyalty, power & good fortune
  • alleviates negative emotions such as fear, anger, grief & over-attachment
  • brings in positive qualities such as tenacity & endurance instead
  • shows you how to remove yourself from detrimental situations
  • brings inner stability by balancing the intellect & emotions
  • aligns Chakras & meridians of subtle & etheric bodies
  • connects your Root Chakra to the nurturing energies of Mother Earth
  • sustains life force & vitality
  • can be used as magnetic therapy
  • works with the body’s own bio-magnetic field
  • realigns reversed & retroverted energy flows in the body or earth when used by an experienced healer
  • is an excellent stone to help you heal during recovery
  • beneficial for asthma, blood, the circulatory system, skin & hair
  • stimulates sluggish organs & sedates overactive ones
  • boosts immunity
  • anti-inflammatory
  • heals muscle strains & cramps
  • useful for stopping nosebleeds

Lodestone for Sale

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