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Information about the healing properties of Magnesite is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical healing properties of stones & how to use them.

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Magnesite Healing Properties

Magnesite is excellent for meditation and relaxation - Free info on Healing Properties with purchase - Free shipping over $50 Canada/USA

Magnesite is a very peaceful stone, and an excellent aid for meditation & relaxation.  Its other properties include:

  • enhances visualization & imagery when placed on your Third Eye Chakra
  • opens your Heart Chakra, stimulating heartfelt love as well as helping you to love yourself
  • helps you to practice unconditional love with difficult people; staying calm & centered and allowing them to be who they are
  • brings all forms of self-deception to the surface
  • helps you to recognize unconscious thoughts & feelings and the reasons behind them
  • helps you have a positive attitude toward life
  • assists egotistical people to stand back & listen more attentively to others
  • has powerful effect on the mind, harmonizing both hemispheres
  • stimulates ideas & how to apply them
  • aids in the absorption of magnesium
  • detoxifies & neutralizes body odor
  • acts as an antispasmodic & muscle relaxant
  • treats menstrual, stomach, intestinal & vascular cramps, as well as pain from gallbladder &kidney stones
  • treats disorders of the bones & teeth, epilepsy
  • relieves headaches, especially migraines, slows blood clotting
  • speeds up fat metabolism, diffuses cholesterol, preventing arteriosclerosis & angina
  • useful preventative for heart disease
  • balances body temperature; lessens fevers & chills

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