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Information about Opal metaphysical properties is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical energy of stones and how to use them.

istock-opal.264.1059600060.jpgWhere to Buy Opal

Known since antiquity, Opal gets its name from the Roman word “opalus” or the Sanskrit word "upala" both of which mean “precious stone.” And it is a precious stone indeed, although not classified as either a stone or mineral.

Opal is amorphous, meaning that it is classified as a mineraloid as it doesn’t have a crystalline structure as most minerals do. It has high water content and is made from silicon dioxide and water.

The colour of Opal ranges from colourless, white, yellow, red, orange, green, brown, black and blue. There are many forms of Opal, most of which are called “common opal”. “Precious opal” exhibits a thousand luminous colours glistening beneath its surface

Opal Metaphysical Properties

Opal has a delicate, fine vibration. Known as a stone of hope and positive change, some of its other metaphysical properties include the following:

  • enhances your intuition
  • very protective energy
  • brings harmony and balance to your life
  • powerful amplification properties
  • enhances your self-worth and helps you to understand your full potential
  • helps you to be feel sunny and be spontaneous
  • helps you to release your inhibitions
  • stabilizes your emotions and helps you to be positive and take responsibility for them
  • gives you the strength and courage to look deep inside yourself
  • helps you let go of things or people not in your best interests
  • strengthens the will to live

Where to Buy Opal

Metaphysical Properties of Stones and How to Use Them