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Petrified Wood

Information about the properties of Petrified Wood is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical properties of stones and how to use their energy.

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Petrified Wood Metaphysical Properties

Petrified Wood is a good stone for business success and general protection, as well as grounding. Its other properties include:

  • excellent for being practical
  • stabilizes your emotions and calms survival-based fears
  • helps you to feel safe and secure and confident that all will be right in the end despite what might be currently happening in your life
  • lets you feel ageless
  • generates a sense of calm and encourages contentment
  • helps you to be patient
  • provides insight into cause and effect during a crisis, as well as giving you strength and support
  • helps you remember lessons and avoid repeating mistakes
  • good stone for meditation
  • helps you to distinguish between what is important or not and not to worry about the little stuff
  • powerful in helping you overcome obstacles and reach goals that you are having trouble achieving or dealing with difficult endeavors
  • excellent stone for leaders
  • can be used to recall past incarnations or to extend your life span
  • also used for past life regressions because of its inherent link with the past
  • increases our enjoyment or evolution within our lives
  • stabilizes general health and the body’s defenses
  • restores physical energy

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