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Polychrome Jasper

Information about the healing meanings of Polychrome Jasper is included with purchase, as well as a brochure about the healing energy of stones & how to use them.

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Polychrome Desert Jasper is one of the rarest types of Jasper & was only discovered in 2006 in a small deposit in the deserts of Madagascar. Also called Desert Jasper or Royal Savannah Jasper, it was named for its beautiful & bright, vibrant earthy colors. Polychrome Jasper quite often has circular, eye-shaped or figurative patterns.

Polychrome Jasper Meaning of Healing


Polychrome Jasper resonates with the energy of the earth & fire. Its vibrant earth energy increases your physical energy & vitality and its fire energy your passion.

It’s a stone of contentment, cheerfulness & happiness and the gentle healing energy of Polychrome Jasper reminds you to find pleasure in even the simplest, smallest things.

Other healing meanings of Polychrome Jasper include the following: 

  • grounding, stabilizing, balancing & centering
  • deepens your connection with Mother Earth & significant others in your life
  • helps you feel happy, secure & optimistic
  • stimulates your creativity & passion
  • encourages you to believe in yourself
  • gives you the strength & determination to act upon your ideas & follow your dreams
  • helps you to appreciate the gifts in your life & have a happy, optimistic outlook
  • enhances your physical & spiritual life
  • helps you find ways to improve parts of your life or aspects of yourself when needed
  • opens you to possible new paths in your life
  • helps you discover new methods & attitudes to get what you most desire
  • inspires you to achieve major accomplishments
  • helps you overcome challenges & setbacks
  • relieves stress & a anxiety with its peaceful energy
  • leads you to new relationships that will bring out the best in you, including romantic ones
  • renews & rejuvenates old, tired relationships
  • powerful tool for interpreting your dreams
  • Increases your physical vitality & strength
  • balances & energizes your lower Chakras

Polychrome Jasper is just one of the many kinds of Jasper. All colors of Jasper help to balance your body’s vibration. Jasper is slow to work, but it’s a basic helpful stone that everyone should have on hand. Continue reading about the Meanings of Jasper.

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