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Information about the properties of Prehnite is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical properties of stones and how to use them.

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Prehnite Metaphysical Properties

Prehnite is a serene stone of unconditional love. Its other properties include:

  • enhances visualization
  • induces deep meditation
  • enhances your intuition
  • enables you to always be prepared - no matter what the circumstances
  • attunes you to divine energies
  • shows you the best way forward for your personal spiritual growth
  • protects your aura
  • useful for gridding as it calms the environment
  • brings peace and protection
  • excellent stone for gardening simply by placing it there
  • teaches you how to be in harmony with nature 
  • revitalizes and renews your surroundings
  • helpful for decluttering - a good Feng Shui practice - as it helps you to let go of things you no longer need
  • helps you to be organized
  • good stone for those who hoard things - including love - because of an inner lack caused by past experiences of deprivation
  • alleviates nightmares, phobias, and deep fears
  • beneficial for hyperactive children and the underlying causes of their condition

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