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Information about how to use Quartz crystals is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical energy of crystals and how to use them.

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Quartz Healing Uses

Quartz is known as a Master Crystal and is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. Other properties include:

  • stores, transmits, and amplifies energy - excellent for unblocking it too
  • raises your spiritual energy to the highest possible level
  • balances your emotions
  • works on and enhances the pineal and pituitary glands
  • stimulates thinking
  • helps with memory and concentration
  • helps to change negative thoughts or conditions into positive ones, especially if you are correctly motivated and centered
  • excellent for meditation - ruled by the Moon, meditating with Clear Quartz will deepen and intensify the meditation and filter out distractions
  • helps to attune you to your spiritual purpose
  • enhances your intuition
  • most efficient receptor for programming
  • stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance
  • harmonizes all your Chakras and aligns the subtle bodies

Find Quartz Crystals

Information about How to Use Crystals

Information about Chakras