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Information about Rhodocrosite properties is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical properties of stones and how to use them.

rhodochrosite.436.jpgRhodocrosite for Sale

Metaphysical Properties of Rhodocrosite

Rhodocrosite has an energy of selfless love and compassion. Its properties include:

  • expands your consciousness and integrates spiritual with material energies
  • gives you a dynamic positive attitude
  • excellent for the heart and relationships, especially for people who feel unloved
  • excellent for healing sexual abuse
  • attracts soul mates - not necessarily romantically, but those who help us learn our lessons in life for our higher good
  • teaches you to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down and helps you to remove denial
  • gently brings painful and repressed feelings to the surface, helping you to acknowledge then release them
  • helps you to face the truth with loving awareness - about yourself and others - without excuses or evasion
  • helps you to identify ongoing patterns and shows you the purpose behind the experience
  • clears your Solar Plexus and Root Chakras
  • enhances dream states and creativity
  • links you into the higher mind and helps you integrate new information
  • encourages you to express your feelings spontaneously
  • lifts depressed moods and brings lightness into life
  • relieves migraines

Rhodocrosite for Sale

Information about the Metaphysical Properties of Stones

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