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Information about the powers of Rhodonite is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical power of stones and how to use them.

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Rhodonite Powers

Rhodonite has a vibration that balances your emotions, nurtures love, and encourages the brotherhood of humanity. Its other powers include:

  • helps you to see both sides of an issue
  • stimulates, clears and activates your heart and Heart Chakra
  • grounds energy, balances Yin-Yang
  • helps you to achieve your highest potential
  • enhances mantra-based meditation
  • supports you during emotional trauma and feelings of panic
  • very helpful in cases of emotional sabotage, co-dependency, and abuse
  • mends emotional wounds and scars from the past
  • helps you to deal with painful emotions and let go of anger, blame, resentment, or desires to retaliate
  • helps you to forgive and deal with betrayal and abandonment
  • promotes unselfish self-love and forgiveness
  • helps you to see that revenge is self-destructive
  • helps you to remain calm in dangerous or upsetting situations
  • balances and integrates physical and mental energies
  • builds your confidence
  • alleviates confusion

Purchase Rhodonite Stones

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