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Information about Rhyolite uses of healing is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical energy of stones & how to use them for healing.

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Rhyolite is a pale fine-grained volcanic rock that typically contains quartz, feldspar, mica & hornblende and it has many unusual markings. The green form of Rhyolite is also known as Rainforest Jasper.

Rhyolite Uses of Healing

Rhyolite ignites your soul - Free info on metaphysical healing uses and how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60.

The vibration of Rhyolite ignites the potential & creativity of your soul. Other healing uses of Rhyolite include:

  • enables change gently, without force or hurry
  • helps you to know yourself from a soul level
  • accesses Karmic wisdom
  • strengthens your body, soul & mind
  • really helpful when exploring the full extent of your inner self
  • induces a deep state of meditation
  • useful for past life healing
  • helps you to process your past & integrate it with the present
  • helps you to resolve issues no matter what the source of difficulty
  • actively encourages you to move forward
  • keeps you anchored in the present moment
  • strengthens your self-esteem & self-worth
  • helps you to understand your true self & respect yourself
  • gives you the strength to deal with challenges calmly
  • makes you aware of your own strength
  • balances your emotions
  • fortifies your body's natural resistance
  • treats veins, rashes, skin disorders & infections
  • improves the assimilation of B vitamins
  • dissolves kidney stones & hardened tissue

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