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Rose of Jericho Resurrection Plant

The Rose of Jericho


We have Rose of Jericho plants in a number of different sizes. Purchase includes the following information about how to care for & use them.

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The Rose of Jericho is known as the Resurrection plant because of its unique & amazing ability to “come back to life” after completing drying out and appearing dead.

It goes by many other names – Resurrection Flower Plant or Fern, White Mustard Flower, Flower of St. Mary, St. Mary’s Flower, Mary’s Flower, Maryam’s Flower or Jericho Rose. A very primitive plant, it is also called the Dinosaur plant and is much like a living fossil

A member of the Spike Moss family, the most common form of the Jericho Rose plant (Selaginella lepidophylla) is native to the Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico and the US.

Native to desert regions with minimal water, the Rose of Jericho Resurrection Plant will completely dry out, curl up and blow around like a tumbleweed until it can find water. When it does, it unfurls to expose its gorgeous vivid green fern-like fronds. And once it exhausts its new water supply, it dries out again and blows on to the next watering hole.

How to Care for your Rose of Jericho

Spread some nice pebbles, stones or glass marbles across the bottom of a wide shallow dish. Add distilled, room temperature water or tap water that sits overnight until it just barely covers the stones. Place the Rose of Jericho on top with its roots touching the water. Place it in a bright location with indirect light. Set out some more water to come to room temperature and once a day, drain and add the fresh water to keep it clean. Save the water for the many uses detailed later on.

The Rose of Jericho plant should begin to open in about 4 hours & reach full capacity in a few days.

The Rose of Jericho doesn’t really need pruning, but you can use clean scissors to remove dead tips that don’t revive when the plant is fully hydrated. This will help keep it nice and pretty and you can use the dried clippings for protection (see below).

Here’s a fun fact about your Resurrection Plant - be careful not to over-water it! Your Rose of Jericho needs to dry out & refresh between periods in water which will help it live longer. Many families will carefully keep the plant, passing it from generation to generation as a cherished item & family tradition.

After the first 7 days and then once a week after that, give it a 2-day break from the water dish to keep it happy. And an entire week once a month without any water at all. Use the same day and same week every month to make it easy. Just drain the dish and leave the Rose of Jericho plant to dry out on the pebbles. For long breaks, place the dried plant in a paper bag or small cardboard box and store in a cool, dark dry place like a closet or cupboard where it won’t get squished

The Rose of Jericho plant does best at room temperatures, so don’t place it near drafts or vents, air conditioners and the like. Extreme temperature changes can damage it. Avoid direct sunlight & changes in temperature.

Note: This plant is possibly toxic to animals so be careful that way.

Uses for Rose of Jericho Water 

  • Set your crystals on top of the stones and around the plant for energetic charging.
  • Wash your jewelry & other special items to cleanse them
  • Place coins in the water for attracting prosperity & abundance
  • Sprinkle or spray the water around any room for blessings, good fortune & peaceful vibrations - doing this also removes negative energy and brings peace, harmony & abundance in its place
  • Use it to mark a cross on all the outside doors of your house for protection
  • Spray your windows for additional protection
  • Add it to your bath or floor washing water
  • Use as a Holy Water cologne or perfume to protect yourself from negative energy

Uses for Jericho Rose dried leaves

  • Carry dry clippings on your person to absorb negative vibrations
  • Put some in your medicine bag or pouch
  • Use in rituals for love & money and other kinds of spell or intention work

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