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Ruby Zoisite

Information about the meaning & healing properties of Ruby Zoisite is included with purchase, as well as info about how to use the healing energy of stones.

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Ruby Zoisite Meaning

Ruby Zoisite aka Anyolite comes from the Maasai word meaning green – Info about healing properties & how to use included with purchase – Free shipping over $60Ruby in Zoisite is also known as Anyolite or Tanganyika artstone. Its name comes from the Maasai word “anyoli” meaning green.

Ruby Zoisite Healing Properties

Ruby Zoisite powerfully combines the vibration of both fiery red Ruby & earthy green Zoisite. It has magnificent healing properties which include the following:

  • enhances devotion & your passion for life, helping you overcome feelings of lethargy & laziness
  • renews your commitment to a higher purpose
  • activates your Crown Chakra
  • also resonates with red Root Chakra & green Heart Chakra
  • enhances spirituality & your psychic abilities
  • enhances creativity
  • extremely helpful in soul healing & past life work
  • helps you communicate with your spirit guides            
  • transmutes negative energies to a positive vibration
  • attracts energies of abundance & prosperity, helping you realize your dreams
  • enhances connection between your brain & heart, helping them work together with amazing results
  • helps you relax your mind & let go of stress and negative thoughts
  • reduces panic attacks, promotes good sleep
  • overcomes depression & other emotional diseases
  • helps you let go of suppressed anger, grief or loss as well as feelings of self-harm or disregard
  • brings these hidden emotions to the surface so you can release them from your heart & move on
  • gives you strength & courage when facing stressful situations
  • grounds you when you’re feeling overcome, showing you how to control your thoughts, reactions & actions
  • helps you be more self-confident & have faith in your own abilities
  • fosters positive feelings in your life such as joy & happiness
  • amplifies feelings of happiness, passion, satisfaction & security will be amplified
  • dispels feelings of jealousy, insecurity, bitterness & resentment
  • helps you grieve, giving you the extra spiritual comfort you need at that time
  • helps you have more empathy for others & to be gentle, compassionate & sensitive to their needs & emotions
  • helps you have a more loving attitude towards yourself too
  • encourages you to appreciate all that you have in your life
  • enhances a positive energy flow within your physical body, helping with various physical complaints & general healing
  • boosts your immune system
  • promotes cellular function & regeneration
  • helps with heart-related issues & blood circulation
  • alleviate pains associated with a woman’s monthly period
  • beneficial to the reproductive system
  • detoxifies the body, treats infections, reduces fevers
  • stimulates kidneys & spleen
  • regulates metabolism, helps with weight gain or loss

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