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Information about the healing meanings of Ruby is included with purchase, as well as a brochure about the metaphysical meaning of stones & how to use their energy for healing.

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Ruby is the red variety of Corundum, an exceptionally hard & tough mineral and the third hardest one in the world after Diamond & Moisanite. The blue variety of Corundum is Sapphire.

Ruby Stone Meaning of Healing

assortment-of-ruby-stones.264.jpgThe vibration of Ruby makes it an excellent stone for energy & imparting vigor to life. Its other healing meanings include:

  • energizes & balances
  • helps you to feel motivated & set realistic goals
  • stimulates your Heart Chakra & balances the physical heart
  • encourages you to "follow your bliss"
  • powerful shield against psychic attack
  • helps you have positive dreams & clear visualization
  • stimulates the pineal gland
  • a stone of abundance that helps you to keep your wealth & passion
  • eases anger or negative thinking & helps you remove anything negative in your life
  • encourages dynamic leadership
  • helps you to be positive & courageous
  • helps you to concentrate & your mind to be sharp
  • heightens your awareness
  • helps you to be strong during disputes or controversy
  • overcomes exhaustion & lethargy
  • increases potency & vigor
  • calms hyperactivity
  • detoxifies the body, blood & lymph
  • treats fevers, infectious disease & restricted blood flow
  • stimulates the adrenal glands which is vital to your well-being, particularly in times of stress
  • stimulates the kidneys, reproductive organs & spleen

Ruby also has the Healing Meanings of Corundum.

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