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Information about the metaphysical healing meanings of Scolecite is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the healing meaning of crystals & how to use them.

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Scolecite is a member of the Zeolite family and is closely related to Natrolite & Mesolite. It is a very brittle & fragile crystal; easily broken, so care should always be used when handling it. Scolecite is named after the Greek word “skolec” which means “worm”. Apparently, it was named this because of its reaction to a blowpipe test which is often conducted to identify a mineral. In the case of Scolecite, it curls up like a worm.

Scolecite Meaning of Healing

Scolecite helps you to learn gentleness & live from your heart - Free info on healing meanings and how to use with purchase - Free shipping on orders over $60.

Scolecite is a crystal with a very high vibration. It helps you to learn gentleness & how to live from your heart without fear. Other healing meanings of Scolecite include the following:

  • relaxing & calming
  • brings inner peace
  • helps to prevent anxiety & buildup of stress
  • helps with communication, especially with Spirit
  • embodies deep spiritual love
  • opens your Heart Chakra
  • facilitates deep inner peace & spiritual transformation
  • helps you to take control of your life & manifest things that you desire
  • helps restful sleep as well as lucid dreaming
  • resonates with your Third Eye & Crown Chakras
  • wonderful for meditation
  • helps you to see patterns & connections
  • beneficial for growing & improving relationships
  • a stabilizing stone that is useful for organizations, groups & networking with others
  • can help you understand the root of a problem or challenge & how to overcome it successfully
  • decreases violence in thoughts, emotions & behaviour
  • can be used for healing circulation, blood clotting, clogged arteries & bruises
  • helps with mental imbalances, the eyes, lungs, intestines

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