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Selenite Harmonizer Cylinder, 4 inches tall

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Selenite Harmonizer Cylinder from Morocco

These white selenite harmonizer cylinders are approx. 4" tall and 1-3/8" in diameter (10 cm by 35 cm) and are fully polished. 

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Information about Selenite healing powers is included with purchase, as well as a brochure about the metaphysical healing energy of stones & how to use them.

When you hold a Selenite harmonizer cylinder in your hand, you surround your entire being with a pillar of light. You can do this laying down or sitting, whichever is most comfortable.

You can also place one in a room or your home for protection & harmony.

Healing uses include the following but you can use them in any other way that you think of - your intuition knows what's best for you :)

  • use them during meditation to connect with Spirit and enhance your meditation
  • invokes protection from the Angelic realm
  • use for grounding, calming your fears & instilling serenity in your body
  • creates a fluid flow of energy throughout body to dispel negativity from your body & mind
  • helps you to think clearly & see behind the façade of things
  • keep near other stones & crystals to cleanse & energize them
  • useful for tarot card readings
  • an excellent aid in childbirth

More information about the Healing Powers of Selenite

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  • 5
    Selenite Harmonizer

    beautiful crystals, exactly as expected. Speedy delivery. Great service

  • 5
    Selenite Harmonizer Cylinders

    The selenite harmonizing cylinders have taken my meditation to a new level! I am shocked by the flow of energy through my body while holding these...even in a casual manner. In meditation I reach that super relaxed, open state so much faster while holding these in each hand. And there's more visual (with eyes closed) happenings...colors, geometric patterns and waves. So cool!