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Septarian Stone

Information about the healing meanings of Septarian Stone is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical healing meaning of stones & how to use them.

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Septarian Stone or Nodules are concretions containing cavities or cracks called "septaria". Concretions form in sedimentary layers such as sandstone, limestone or chalk in the case of Septarians. The cracks fill with liquid rich with minerals that then crystallizes in the empty spaces over time.  

Septarian Stone Meaning of Healing

Septarian Stone is beneficial for overall health - Free information about meanings of healing & how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60.

Septarian Stone - also known as Dragonstone - is a stone that is beneficial for overall health & well-being. Its healing meanings include:

  • extremely protective - defends & grounds your physical, mental & emotional self
  • calming & nurturing
  • spiritually uplifting, bringing feelings of joy
  • emanates loving, kind energy
  • helps you to understand your emotions
  • enhances feelings of well-being
  • amplifies energy
  • helps to give direction
  • enhances & nurtures communication on all levels & with Mother Earth
  • makes it easier to speak clearly & kindly in group settings
  • helps you to be heard & understood
  • defends against negative energy & blocks psychic attacks
  • banishes nightmares
  • opens & enhances your psychic abilities
  • related to your lower Root, Sacral  Solar Plexus Chakras
  • helps with rapid healing of the physical body
  • said to provide unconscious foreknowledge to help you to always be prepared for what is coming up
  • good for any degeneration of teeth, bones & muscle
  • heals blood & kidneys

Septarian is composed of a combination of yellow calcite, brown aragonite, grey limestone and white/clear barite, so it has additional properties of each of its component minerals as well.

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