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Information about the meanings of Shattuckite is included with purchase, as well as a brochure about the metaphysical meaning of stones & how to use their energy for healing.

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Shattuckite (Shattukite) is an unusual copper mineral with a beautiful indigo blue color as well as spots of turquoise, green, red, brown and/or cream. It’s named after the Shattuck Mine in Bisbee Arizona where it was first found in 1915. Since that time, it has also been discovered in Austria, Britain, the Congo, Germany, Namibia, Norway & South Africa & is often found in combination with a variety of other minerals.

Shattuckite Meaning

Shattuckite stones are highly spiritual and heighten your vibration - Free info on meanings and how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60.

The energy of Shattuckite stones is highly spiritual & heightens your own vibration. A strong psychic communication stone, it helps you to have a stronger connection with your spirit guides & teachers as well as loved ones who have passed on. Other metaphysical meanings of Shattuckite include the following:

  • stimulates your Third Eye, Heart & Throat Chakras, aligning & harmonizing them
  • helps you to live your life from a true & heart based perspective
  • helps you to align yourself with the Divine
  • used by Spirit for the highest & best good of all concerned
  • gives you clear psychic vision & helps you to understand & communicate what you have seen
  • extremely useful when past-life experience has closed down your metaphysical abilities
  • clears past life curses & commands to secrecy
  • also acts as a “past life” cleanser & healer
  • helpful during channeling as it is strongly protective & ensures that the purest source is contacted
  • helps you to develop your psychic abilities including automatic writing & telepathy
  • stimulates your faculty of synesthesia which is the gift of sensory interpretation
  • heals & reconciles relationships as it helps you to take responsibility for your past actions
  • strengthens your ability to see & speak the truth with love & integrity
  • calms your mind & creates harmony
  • beneficial for all minor health complaints & brings your body gently back into balance
  • treats tonsillitis & throat issues
  • increases clotting properties of blood
  • clears blockages from inter-cellular structures

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